Charlotte Shelburne Rotary Club Meeting
Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
President Richard Fox led the pledge and Kris Engstrom gave the devotional.
Richard introduced the visitors: The 2014 RYLA students and parents, Auburn Sendra (Vermont Common School) and Finn McGarghan, Jack Zahn, Thomas Stevens (CVU) Parents Michelle Sendra, Sarah McGarghan, Susann Zahn, Kim Stevens
Deb Buley of the Shelburne Cub Scouts
Seth Zimmerman of the Charlotte Boy Scouts
Dexter Mahaffey, Head of School, Vermont Commons
Sarah Soule, Director of College Counseling, Vermont Commons
Guest speakers:
Judy Christensen introduced and congratulated this year’s students and parents.
She spoke of a letter that each RYLA participant wrote to themselves prior to starting the program which they could open after completion of the program. She could not be more pleased with this year’s students and the program. Judy feels RYLA is one of the best things Rotary does. The goal of getting young persons out of their comfort zones and helping them become leaders through this great program is rewarding year after year.
Judy spoke to how students get a chance to win this award. How teachers pick students to enter the selection process at the club.
The RYLA students were given the floor at this time as they needed to return to school as soon as possible:
Each student was asked to talk to an experience that made a lasting impression. Thay also spoke to the talent they performed during to he RYLA weekend talent contest.
Auburn was impressed by the ‘Ice Breaker’. She performed a dance called Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the talent show.
Finn was impressed by the ‘Trust Games’. He performed a juggling Act with Jack.
Jack was impressed by the ‘Ropes Course’.
Thomas was impressed by the ‘Swimming Pool’ event.

Finn will be a junior counselor at next year's RYLA weekend. Thomas is an alternate.
Meagan Hanley will be a senior counselor.
December 10th Committee Day
December 11th Board Meeting
December 17th Holiday Party
Ric Flood announced the Memorial service for Steve Clayton this Saturday December 6th at the Davis Center at UVM.
Carole Obuchoski has cooked special low fat cookies for members that want to donate to the Rotary Foundation. The double match is extended to the end of the year. Carole spoke to a time in 1954 going to school in Queens NY during which 1st and 2nd graders were subjected to a vaccine test. 1/2 the test segment got the real polio vaccine and ½ got a placebo. Carole was happy to get the real vaccine. Note: The chocolate chips are not low fat. We welcome donations to the Rotary Foundation both for Polio plus and or the Foundation which provides funds to come back to the clubs in the form of grants.
Sam Feitelberg announced two things. First, the Veteran’s Monument is coming along well. They have raised $96K and are now looking into the contracts to build. The goal is to have the monument complete by Memorial Day. The number of bricks to be sold was raised to 220 from 200 Second, The hands to Honduras Tela is now ten years old. The Tela Rotary ran a fund raiser called the Telathon, last month, and raised $17K, the equivalent of $330,000 limpere. Congratulations!
Thank you notes for our club’s donations were received from the Lyric Theater and the Humane Society.
Chris Davis announced that Santa is coming to town on Sunday the 14th of December (Charlotte Fire House)
Lara Keenan announced Santa will be in Shelburne Friday the 5th for the lighting of the tree.
Sergeant at Arms: Even Webster asked that two criteria be met for fines today
Pie memories and Thanks
Even started with Butterscotch Pie
Kris Engstrom Pecan Pie
Phil Denu Apple Pie
Joan Lenes Thanks for friendship and hockey games
Bob Sanders missed a few meetings
Linda Barker happy she is going to be a grand mother, again
Ric Flood Remembering Elaine Dates
Sam Feitelberg Apple Pies
Mark Josick Apple pies
Lara Keenan 3 Thanksgiving Dinners
Allan Hathaway Meetings missed, RYLA, Apple Pie
Bill Deming Loss of Russ’s Chickens
Denny Bowen Graham Cracker Pie
George Schiavone Crawfish Pie
Doris Sage Apple Pie
Steve Dates Thankful for a great supportive Rotary club
Carol Obuchoski Apple crumble
Mal Parker Happy to be free from retail
Gary Marcotte Canadian meat pie
John Hammer Chedder Cheese pie and his first Snow fine
Judy Christensen RYLA, Back from England, going to White House Christmas Party and Elaine
Roz Graham Prince Edward Island , Pumpkin Pie
Richard Fox Chocolate Ginosh Pie with Coconut Macaroon Crust
Terry Kennaugh Birthday
Chris Davis  Racoon Pie
John Dupee Thankful
Howard Seaver Thankful
Mike Clapp  His 4 year old grand child said, “Mom I think Santa is way too busy this time of year to consider me on the naughty or nice list”
Lucky draw – The pot is $34 Ticket 800 was drawn and held a table. Russ drew the 4 of clubs Roll Over
Guest Speaker:
Deb Buley of the Shelburne Cub Scouts had a power point presentation. The club is vibrant with 25 boys up from 15 last year. The Tiger cub program has 10 boys.

    Richard Fox thanking Deb Buley
Unfortunately I got called out of the meeting and the report ends here.
I missed Seth Zimmerman’s report.