February 13, 2013 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

Wednesday, February 13 2013, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Adam Bartsch opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom was absent because of the Valentine’s rush at her flower shop.  Sam Feitelberg gave a very nice devotional in her absence

Guests: None

Quote for the Day: “Pardon”

The Word for the Day: None was uttered or could be generated, so look down below for a gratuitous word that may find appropriate in the time leading up to and including Town Meeting Day.


February 14 – Board Meeting

February 20 – Paul Ugalde, World Population Institute

February 27 – Laurie Mumley of Autism Support

March 6 – Mike Gilligan of UVM Hockey

June 6:  District Governor Change of Guard at Shelburne Farms Coach Barn. (Our club will play a key role in this event.)


Big thank you from the Charlotte Central School for building the Garden Shed.  Special thanks go to Michael Clapp for spearheading the project.


Scholarship Committee

Alan Hathaway announced that it’s that time of year again for applying for the $7,500 in scholarship money that the club awards each year.  All applications are due at VSAC by March 8th.  The Scholarship Committee will get them for evaluation and recommendations in early April. Club members are encouraged to spread the word.

Club Set-up Duties

Dave Rice circulated a sign-up sheet for assigning club set-up and breakdown (banners) duties for the rest of the calendar year.  It will be circulated for the next few meetings.

Jim Spad’s Humor (Jim is recovering from surgery and will be out for a few weeks.) Sam Feitelberg reported that he had spoken with Jim at home.  He spent only two days in the hospital and is now home. He’s still using his cane but feeling better.  He will be working on rehabilitation for the next two weeks. He sends his regards.

John Beal very ably stepped in to tell the story of a handsome prince on whom an evil witch had cast a spell.  The prince was restricted to speak one word per year, but could add them cumulatively such that he could use two words in the second plus that from the preceding, three in the third year plus the three from the preceding years, and so on.

As fate would have it, he didn’t use a word in the first year but he met a very beautiful, young princess, on Valentines Day the second year. This prompted him to blurt out to her, “My Darling!”

The next Valentine’s Day and the next two he had to save up so he was able to say on the fifth year, “My darling, I love you!”  By now he was truly frustrated but knew he was locked into his spell, so he waited for more years.  Finally nine years after He was really looking forward to seeing her and uttering his piece d’resistance. 

He couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to come and he put on his very finest robes, and met her at the most romantic place in the kingdom.  As he met her, he just couldn’t wait and his words came flooding out. “My Darling, I love you, will you marry me?”

To which she replied, “Pardon?”

Shelburne Health Officer Report on Horse Abuse

The Shelburne Health Officer, former Club member Bob Lake, spoke of his involvement in the recent equine abuse problem in Shelburne. The persons in question had been subject of previous reports of animal abuse. Last year they were reported to be mistreating six bulls, but they met minimum standards, though only just barely. This year he was called in to investigate six live and one dead bull. In the course of the investigation he and the police found a stallion and two mares in a barn, standing in several feet of manure.  They were all in terrible condition with mange and lice.  The horses were removed, with permission, to the Spring Hill Horse Rescue Farm near Berlin where they are recovering. As a side bar, the animal rescue folks will absorb all the thousands of dollars in cost and are asking for donations. The bulls were removed to the animal exchange where they will be sold. There will, at this time, be charges of animal cruelty filed against the owners.

Teena Flood Calendars

Ric, in his usual forthright manner, declared that he had an announcement. “No Bull!”

Somehow a printer who publishes calendars highlighting Teena Flood’s beautiful photographs of Vermont managed to foul up the packaging for a delivery of 150 calendars.  When the printer was apprised of the situation, they just re-fulfilled the order again, this time correctly at no cost.  The result was a surfeit of calendars that Ric very kindly shared with the club members. Someone noted that they would make great Valentine’s gifts.  Sam Feitelberg suggested that as you give the calendar as a gift to your significant other you should say, “Dear, now your days are numbered.”

Sergeant at Arms

Gary Marcotte took over for today as SAA and he went after anyone who had not been sick since New Years.


Ric Flood – Will be in Jamaica with his daughter, Megan, next week

Elaine Dates – Looking forward to her favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Steve Dates – Happy that his whole table had filled out their Happy Fine Books.  Thank you.

Carol Obuchowski – Celebrated the fact that twenty-five years ago, today, she gave birth to her first daughter.

Michael Clapp – Reported that he had tapped his maples yesterday and the sap was running.

Mark Joczik – Will be in Charleston next week.

Sam Feitelberg – Happy Valentine’s Day

John Beal – Reported that Jay Peak has had 30” of snow in the last week and Sugarbush has had more snow than they had all last year.

Alan Hathaway – Celebrated his 31st wedding anniversary.

Dave Rice – Happy for his twin granddaughters’ first birthday.

Bob Lake – Happy for Ric going to Jamaica.

Chris Davis – For the Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg, 7&8 Grade, Mini-Metro CVU Basketball team winning the State Championship last Sunday. Beat Essex who has been champion for several years.

John Hammer – Met his wife forty-eight years ago today. Went to a wedding to find a new girlfriend and he did. To which David Cranmer said, “Pardon?”

Numerous Fines for good health.

Alan Hathaway drew some card in the appropriate suit of hearts.  Rollover the $269.50 pot.

Speaker – Committee Meeting - Reports

Projects – Michael Clapp

  • Possibly formalizing a series of permanent, collaborations with our Club’s towns regarding potential projects.
  • Bill Deming suggested some magnifying machines for the town libraries for the use by seeing-impaired community members. These machines might also be available for moving to poling places to assist voters at election time for reading ballots. The committee will look into it.
  • We are getting credit for having built all the bridges on the nature trail.
  • The committee is looking into getting plaques made to attach to the projects.
  • Anticipate a shed project for the school in Hinesburg later this year.
  • Michael is soliciting our towns for new construction-type projects for next year.
  • The possibility of a garden assistance project for the Shelburne Museum.
  • The intent is to formulate projects where non-Rotarian community members can join in.
  • Asked members to seek out service projects in their towns.

Foundation - Pat Sokolowski

  • Looking to applying for one of the new Global Grants for the Rehabilitation Center in Tela, Honduras. This grant would go to establish a visiting Physical Therapist that might go out in the field. Global Grants are limited to a minimum of $30,000 and could be spread over multiple years.

Administration – Dave Rice

  • There is some concern on how the grants are being spent.  We seem to be doing a large number of small grants when perhaps we should be doing a smaller number of larger grants. Sort of like seeking out “Bigger bang for our Bucks.”
  • Linda Gilbert wrote up a series of guidelines for giving a few years ago and these will be resurrected.

Membership – Ric Flood

  • Made the perennial pitch for members to just go out and ask for new members. “All you have to do is ask.”
  • Committee has been talking about resurrecting the ‘Monday Social Nights’ at the Cucina Antica in March.
  • We have lost five members since last July 1 and gained two, for a net loss so far of three members.
  • “Bring a Prospective Member, It’s Everyone’s Job!”

Public Relations John Hammer

  • Made note of the fact that Roz Graham has been providing information each week to the Charlotte and Shelburne papers. This often includes pictures. Thank you Roz.
  • John Hammer has been trying to get the Newsletter out by Thursday night or Friday, with pictures and expanded narrative.
  • Committee has gone out and investigated tee shirts for the club. The best vender (US Products, good prices, and it happens, a past member) is Brett Lewis Threads who can provide Gilson 2000, good quality shirts, that are Rotary Blue with a ‘gold’ Rotary Emblem and the Club’s Name on the left breast for $7.13 per shirt (when 75 are ordered) or $9.42 (when 60) are ordered. The committee has recommended to the Board that we go for 75 of various sizes (dependent on pre-orders and sizing by members) and keep the extras for future sale, replacements, or other uses. (Bear in mind that we currently have 57 members)

Definition: Bloviate, v. – To speak pompously.