December 11, 2013 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

Wednesday, December 11, 2013, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Dave Jonah opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom gave the invocation.

Guests:  Evan Webster – Potential Member



December 12 – Board Meeting

December 18 – Holiday Breakfast including the induction of Lara Keenan

December 25 – Christmas Day, No Meeting

January 1 – New Year’s Day, No Meeting

January 8 – Hands to Honduras – Tela Briefing

April 25-27 – 7850 District Conference, Hilton Hotel, Burlington

District 7850 Calendar: Hot Link


Club Financial Statement – A financial statement for the club was circulated and no questions were raised except that George Schiavonne asked where the bulk of the dues went. John Beal responded that the great majority of the dues went to Rotary International to fund their operations, The Rotarian Magazine and to help pay for some of the programs. He will get more information and circulate it after consultation with Steve Dates.

Rotary Minute – Linda Gilbert wanted to share a letter that she had received from a woman in Manchester, Connecticut who has been supporting Hands to Honduras – Tela (H2H-T) for several years. It turns out that her niece, who was a volunteer with H2H-T, had asked her for a donation. She was so struck by the program that she has been a regular contributor. She has been a Rotarian for 33 years and her club supports infrastructural projects in Guatemala. Linda mentioned this as being indicative of Rotary’s global spread.

 Rotary Foundation

Pat Sokolowski distributed the latest edition of Polio Plus Gazette. She reminded everyone of her matching grant program with a deadline of Christmas. A donation of $60 for Polio Plus will be matched by the club, which will further be double-matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Every donation will enable the donor to have their name entered into a custom hat drawing. Pat Sokolowski will knit the hat. You can also donate online at

Spad’s Humor – A couple was shopping in the mall and suddenly the woman found that her husband was missing. After frantically seeking him here and there and not finding him, she called him on his cell phone. When asked where he was, the husband replied, ”Well, do you remember those few years ago when you saw that beautiful diamond necklace and matching bracelet in that jewelry store? I said that someday I would get them for you.” She replied, “Why yes, I do remember” shuddering with a frison* of excitement.

The husband then said, “Well then, I’m in the pub right next door to that jewelry shop.”

Sergeant at Arms – Richard Fox, taking note that Hanukkah had passed and that Christmas was still in the future, fined everyone who had not yet started their holiday gift buying.

It should be said that the vast majority of members today just paid a fine for being happy and being here. One or two even had not started buying.

Dennis Webster – For hard partying Canadians.

Michael Clapp – For being associated with such a great group of folks as this club.

Alan Hathaway – Was happy to be seating in the third row of last weekend’s Patriots game.

George Schiavonne – For all the ski areas that are now open.

Terrill Titus – For a wonderful trip to Kennebunkport, ME,

Evan Webster – For being here as a guest and being made to feel so welcome.

Richard Fox – For the excitement of his daughter, Josephine, upon meeting Santa Claus in Sturbridge Village.

Roz Graham – For not having been behind a school bus on the way in.

Linda Gilbert – Really enjoyed the Shelburne Tree lighting and the S.D. Ireland lighted cement truck.

Dave Rice had the winning ticket and drew the King of Clubs.  Roll over the pot of more than $265.

Speaker – There was no speaker as this was Committee Day.

Word of the Day:  Frison, n.

- a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion; thrill