Meeting of July 12, 2017

Posted by Rosalyn Graham

Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary Club

Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 7:30 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Erik Kolomaznik led the Rotarians in the Pledge and Kris Engstrom gave the devotional.




July 18 – Board at 7:30 at Trinity

July 19 – Club Assembly

July 26 – Sophie Conway from O Bread



The Charlotte Beach Lean-to

Linda Gilbert met with the Charlotte Recreation Committee and reviewed the design for a 4’ x 8’ or 10’ lean to for which Rotary would assist with the construction.


Shelburne Community School

Barbara Comeau met with the co-principal and presented a check for their summer program


John Dupee updated on the Golf Ball drop which will be held at Shelburne Day on the Shelburne Parade Ground. He circulated information to each Rotarian of how many tickets they sold last year. Denny Bowen sold 69 tickets. Bob Sanders has the tickets and he distributed 20 tickets to each member at the end of the meeting, along with a list of who they sold to last year.  Linda Barker volunteered to be the record keeper.

We need to sell 1,000 tickets to reach the 50/50 target for prize money/income for CSHR.


Ric Flood reported on the car raffle. He currently has approximately $10,000 in.


Sergeant at Arms: Ric Flood

Happy fines:

John Dupee – a happy anniversary

Bob Sanders -- Marking Canada Day in Ottawa

Dennis Delaney – Just happy

Alan Hathaway – Happy

Bill Deming – Happy for Alan

Tod Whitaker – has a great garden

Alan Bates – 4 weeks ago he had a stroke and is now on the mend; his 3 daughters came to help and family and friends from church all pitched in; thanks to UVM Medical Center

Barbara Comeau – each of her kids took part in the Prouty 50 mile bike ride at Dartmouth Hitchcock

Gary Marcotte – so much happiness in the room today

Keith Walsh – his twin daughters celebrating their birthdays

Kris Kolomaznik -– sunshine; LL Bean back in town

Sally Wadhams -- happy that Erik has agreed to be our new leader

Susan Grimes – happy for Judy and her new knee

Charlie Kofman -- his granddaughter to Lake Morey

Adam Bartsch -- good health and great weather

Rosalyn Graham – reminder of a Rick and the Ramblers Concert at Shelburne Farms; anniversary of her successful hip replacement surgery one year ago

Steve Dates – for Erik’s new Rotary year

Carole Obuchowski – her daughter was jogging and saw two bears crossing the road, half a mile from her apartment

Jane McKnight – going to her late husband’s family reunion in Altoona, Pa., with two sons – very excited

Linda Gilbert – the Middlebury Concert on the Green was great; Radio Free Honduras excellent

Kris Engstrom – Her daughter Erika and boys here for a visit; Erik’s new presidency

John Hammer – Congratulations to Erik, our new president; Judy’s never looked better

Terry Kennaugh – 56th Wedding Anniversary

Ric Flood – for SUNSHINE

Judy Christensen – Good Knee Results (demonstrated); thanks for the flowers

Sam Feitleberg -- for Judy

Jon Lowell – Little League playoffs; Judy’s successful knee surgery.


Presidential Address:

Newly installed President Erik Kolomaznik introduced himself to the club in a lively talk with great graphics. He said he had realized that accepting the role of President, even though he is very new to the club, is a good way to get to know people.

His story began with his growing up in Vermont, living in several places, left to go to school and returned to find that people and places had changed. He studied at New England Culinary Institute, became a chef, which he said provided the basis for a great experience working at many resorts, and restaurants including the Ritz Carleton in Florida.

While he was working as a chef in Randolph, VT, he chanced to meet Carrie Hsu, a young woman who was traveling in the United States. This led, of course, to a first date while she was visiting Nepal!! Then, equipped with a script in Chinese written with assistance from a Chinese chef, Erik visited her family in Taiwan to ask her to marry him!! Carrie was working in Australia, so, of course, Erik moved to Australia to be near her (and worked as a chef in Currimbin, Queensland near New South Wales). They were married in 2006, moved to Taiwan where Erik tackled the 15-month challenge of paperwork to get Carrie a Green Card to come to the United States. He also enjoyed Taiwan’s different food, culture and language.

Erik and Carrie came to Vermont, settled here, and in 2010 had a baby, whose charm was well documented in Erik’s presentation.

Erik has also concentrated on preparing for and starting his own business. He took online courses from Harvard Business School while working at AT&T. He and Carrie established Green Mountain Potstickers in 2014 and have built a rabid fan base for her traditional Taiwanese street food made with Vermont ingredients, sold at Burlington and Stowe Farmers Markets. Erik’s business, with an office in Winooski, is consulting with people on financial fitness, which he describes as “more like gardening than hunting.”

His life these days is teaching, studying, parenting, working, biking, playing and cooking for fun … and being the new President of Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary.

Welcome Erik, and thank you.