Posted by Nancy Danforth on Dec 14, 2022
Our guest speaker this morning was Rachel De Simone, Doctor of Physical Therapy. She introduced us to her practice of integrated health through Ayurveda, yoga, and physical therapy. 

December 14, 2022


Rachel de Simone – Lotus Yoga & Integrative Health


Carrie called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Carrie welcomed Rachel de Simone and Catherine Moller.


Holiday Club party is Friday night at Jim Donovan’s home. Weather will not be a factor. 


Board meeting December 15 at 7:30.


Carrie shared a note from Mrs. Gail Feitelberg.  Sam remains in the hospital.


Linda G is requesting the clubs ideas on possible Hero Project candidates. 


The Rotary District 7850 speech contest shared on social media by Amanda will be at our February 8 morning meeting.  If anyone is interested in being a judge, three are required. 


Still collecting holiday items, including decorations, wrapping paper, lights, etc for the food shelves in the three towns.  Carrie has been making those deliveries. 


Keith shared Pies for Breakfast update which will be held at the Shelburne Town Hall on March 18 from 9:00 am to 12:00.  There will be music and also, Sophie may teach us how to bake pies! 


Carol is still accepting money for the Rotary Foundation.  The collection has been very good this year!!!  


Denis collected the happy fines. 


Diana introduced Rachel from Lotus Yoga & Integrative Health. Rachel is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, CranioSacral Therapist, Pain Neuroscience Specialist and Educator. 


Ayurvedic originated in India and is built around the five elements:air, fire, water, earth and ether.  The work she does is focused on prevention and integration of our own bodies and selves. The work hopes to Intervene before something becomes a problem.  


When thinking about the most practical idea for us to integrate into our lives as a practice for holistic health, breath work is the most important.  Rachel led us through two breathing exercises we can do anytime.


She discussed the importance of taking the time to breath, focus on self, take some quiet time, do a formal practice, and go outside.  There is a direct correlation between breathing, oxygen, and our metabolism and how we interact with our food. She finished by discussing proper deep breathing.  


Jim presented the book “Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice” by Candace Moore to Rachel that will be donated to the Shelburne Library in her name. 


Meeting adjourned at 8:30.