Lake Champlain Basin Program
Dan called the meeting to Zoom order at 7:35.
Dan shared the District How To Make Your Rotary Club Irresistable.”  Evening meetings, engaging other clubs, DIOD (do it one day), and “Home and Away” with the Williston Rotary Club, a co event where we attend each others’ meetings. Dan mentioned watching the video when it becomes available. 
January 20 - Winter Carnival event.  Catherine, Carrie and Dan will be there. 
Two students have signed up for the speech contest during the morning meeting on January 31.
Please join “Rotary District 7850 Members” Facebook group, Amanda is Chair of the committee creating this group.
Per Carole O, Foundation giving is up to $6700!
Jim introduced Colleen Hickey of the Lake Champlain Basin Program.  Colleen previously lived and worked in Nashua, New Hampshire
Colleen shared a Power Point presentation demonstrating the mission and goals of the LCBP. Dedicated to the coordination and funding of efforts to benefit Lake Champlain’s water quality, fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, recreation and cultural resources with government agencies of Vermont, New York and Quebec.  Lake Champlain is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
Their four main initiatives: clean water, education and outreach, healthy ecosystems and thriving communities.
Phosphorus is the key nutrient they track as it makes things grow, creating algae.  Slowing the soil draining into the lake is key to prevent phosphorus from entering. 
Lake Champlain does have clean water.  It has to be drinkable, fishable and safe for recreational use.  Lake Champlain does well for all three of these categories. 
Cyanobacteria is also watched closely by the organization.  This leads to beach closures, creating unsafe conditions. 
To help, can YOU reduce the flow of water FROM your yard?  Shrubbery, smaller lawns, raise your mower blade, support local watershed organizations are always you can help! 
You can review their “State of the Lake” report at this link:
Jim presented the book “Lake Champlain: An Illustrated History” to be donated to the Hinesburg Carpenter Carse Library in Colleen’s name.