Posted by Nancy Danforth on Oct 13, 2021
This morning our guest speaker was Zach Latta, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Hack Club, a global nonprofit network of high school computer hackers, makers and coders.

Today’s guest is Zach Latta, The Hack Club


Carrie Fenn called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Nancy Danforth provided opening words.


Carrie introduced our two guests, Zach Latta, guest speaker  and Dave Nicholas from Union Bank in Shelburne. 


Linda Gilbert briefed the club on the tractor parade.  Seventy five tractors participated and the club assisted with tractor and crowd control. 


Chris Davis reported on the bike racks.  The Charlotte pad is going in this week with the cement being laid next week.  The Shelburne pad is installed as well.  Laurie is still working on the Hinesburg rack.  More discussion to follow on opening ceremony for the racks.


Rick Fox reported on the Halloween parade, more volunteers from the club are needed.  The food and festivities have been moved from the firehouse to the town offices after the parade.


Ric Flood reported the Rotary fundraising emails to update mailing lists will be emailed out this week.  


Jim Donovan reported the crocus bulb delivery date is still unknown.  Planting may take place on Saturday October 23 or Saturday, November 6. 


Chris Davis reported there is a RaceVT event on Sunday, November 7.  Six volunteers are needed, let Chris know if you can assist. 


Additionally, the coat drive will be our focus after the parade. But we are strictly collecting this year for Gadue’s Dry Cleanings’ annual coat drive.  The store in The Shelburne Plaza will be the store to drop items off at.  Boxes will be set up at various locations.  Coats, boots, mittens, hats are also requested.  


Dennis collected the happy fines.


Dan York introduced Zach Latta.  Zach was raised in Los Angeles, becoming fascinated with computers and how they work and what they can do.  But very few high schools have a program for coding and he moved to San Francisco to create more opportunities, networking with other teenagers interested in coding.   He founded the Hack Club at seventeen years old.  The Hack Club is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to support young people in non traditional ways through technology and coding.  They moved to Shelburne one year ago from San Francisco for affordability and community, a driving force of their company. 


The organization is completely donor funded and the environment for the students is open and welcoming.  Standard educational limitations are gone, freeing the students to learn, network and create, enhancing the technology of our world.  


Jim Donovan presented Zach with the book “Hack Attack” which will be donated to The Shelburne library in his name.


Linda Gilbert shared closing words.


Carrie adjourned the meeting at 8:35.