Posted by Dan York on May 19, 2021
Our guest speaker this morning was Dr. Katherine Menson. Dr. Menson is a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician at the University of Vermont Medical Center, caring for patients with asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD, interstitial lung disease and sarcoidosis. Within her field she specializes in endobronchial and ultrasound-guided biopsies (EBUS). She provided an excellent presentation about the current state of thinking about people with “long COVID-19" or “Long-Haulers”.

CSH Rotary - 2021-05-19

President Chris Davis called the meeting to order at 7:31am.

Laurie Burke provided a poem for the opening words.

Susan Grimes reported that we are over 100% in terms of our fundraising goals for the bike spinning. The dedication of the bike stand will be at 11:00am on Saturday. It should be about 30 minutes. There will be multiple speakers. Local Motion will be there to talk about bike safety. Ski Rack will be there as well. John Hammer will be promoting the event in Front Porch Forum. Lane from the Field House will be there with music and a microphone. A couple of volunteers are needed for helping with parking.

Chris reported that the Shelburne Recreation Committee reached out to the club asking if the we would donate to an effort to help rebuild the bathrooms / changing room at the Shelburne Town Beach. The Shelburne Selectboard has asked the committee to see if they can raise $50,000. Chris indicated that the CSH Rotary Board would like to donate $1,000 to this effort.

MOTION - To approve $1,000 for the Shelburne Recreation Committee. Moved by Denis Barton, seconded by Keith Walsh. Approved unanimously.

Memorial Day - Chris and Sam Feitelberg spoke about the events happening on Memorial Day in Shelburne. There will be an event with speakers and more.

Sam Feitelberg provided an update on the work happening at the clinic in Tela, Honduras, and what is going on there right now. Linda Gilbert spoke about the work of Hands To Honduras - Tela and the expansion of a hospital in Tela with which we have been involved. 

The speaker today was Dr. Katherine Menson, the medical director of the pulmonary rehab center at UVM Medical Center working with long-haul COVID-19 patients. She provided an excellent presentation about the current state of thinking about “long COVID-19” / “longhaulers”. She discussed recent studies, what the medical community has learned, and some of what they are thinking about for long-term analysis. The group had many questions and a good discussion.


As a final note, Jessica Brumsted noted that the Vermont Legislature will be passing a resolution this week honoring George Schiavone.

Nancy Danforth provided the closing words.

Chris Davis rang the bell to close the meeting at 8:36am.