Posted by Nancy Danforth on Aug 18, 2021
Kyle Albee, a board member of Branch Out Burlington! was our guest speaker this morning. 

Branch Out Burlington with Kyle Albee


Susan opened the meeting at 7:42


Linda Gilbert provided the opening words. 


Ric Flood led the club in the four way test.


Susan introduced our guests. Kyle Albee, our speaker from Branch Out Burlington, his guest Demetrios Nicholidas.  Linda Gilbert’s sister Noel Nelson was in attendance and Dennis Barton’s friend Bob Glover.


Saturday is Shelburne Day.  Ticket sales for the Golf Ball Drop are the primary goal.  Volunteers must arrive at 7:30 to set up the tent. Golf ball drop signs will be displayed. A raffle to Guess The Number of Golf Balls will take place, $1 for a guess. Prize winner wins a golf ball drop entry.  We will also have a putting green for a hole in one contest.  Linda Gilbert will have  a Tela display in the tent.  We will be selling tickets to the golf ball drop at the tent.  


Charlie Kofman discussed the Light The Night walk that supports the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  It will take place in City Hall, Burlington on September 24. Walkers and donations are welcome!


Food drive update.  The food shelf is helping feed the folks at The Days Inn and appreciate the food the club has donated.


The board will meet next Thursday, August 26 at 7:30 am at the Shelburne Town Offices.


Chris Davis reported on the Shelburne bike station plaque which will be settled today.  Locations in Charlotte and Hinesburg are continuing to be worked on.


Carrie Fenn reported that the bus delivery for the Shelburne Community School was Monday. Shelburne will continue to require workers in the kitchen.  


Linda Gilbert reported the Charlotte tractor parade is on.  She’ll let us know the date and if they need parking assistance. Usually takes place in mid October.  


Dennis collected the happy fines.


Laurie Burke introduced Kyle Albee from Branch Out Burlington.  Kyle is a native Vermonter who attended Champlain College and lives with his wife Starr.  He has worked for many years at North Star Leasing and has been working with this organization for fifteen years.


Kyle shared how Branch Out Burlington began after the ice storm in 1998.  It began by starting a seedling nursery at UVM.  The trees they plant are of several varieties, growing there for seven years or so.  Kyle began working with them about fifteen years ago. He had the idea of selling trees to raise money to buy more trees to plant.  The goal is to put affordable, seasonal trees in backyards and public spaces.  They donate 10% of the trees they grow to nonprofits and in memoriam.  During the pandemic, not only were sales very good,  they were able to donate monies to needy organizations.  At this time they are selling and donating fruit trees as well.  These trees provide educational resources for children at camps and public spaces. Their annual sale takes place in early May but they can be purchased on the website beginning in December. The website is


Dan York presented Kyle with the book Urban Forests by Jill Jonnes which will be donated in his name to The Charlotte Library.


Susan closed the meeting at 8:30