Speaker Date Topic
Ethan Tapper Apr 24, 2024
Chittenden County Forester
Club meeting May 01, 2024
Club meeting - no speaker

This will be our club business meeting, preparing for upcoming service and social activities. More information will be shared soon.

Michael Hibben May 08, 2024
Pierson Library Director

Join us to meet Michael Hibben, the new Director of the Pierson Library in Shelburne. Michael started with the library in August 2023 and we look forward to learning more about him and his vision for the Pierson Library!

Era MacDonald May 15, 2024
Merrymac Farm Sanctuary

Join us as we hear from Era MacDonald, founder and Director of the Merrymac Farm Sanctuary in Charlotte. Era has always been involved in rescue. Starting from a very young age, there were always critters coming home, hidden under her shirt, being snuck into her childhood house, in her home state of Kentucky. Her love for horses started early as well. As the years progressed, she became increasingly involved with cat and dog rescue in addition to working in the horse industry. Era saw the many sides, including the not-so-pretty ones, of the horse world. It made her know she loved horses, but not the pressure on them to perform.

Ever since, Era has shared her love for horses with many people in a non-competitive, holistic way. MMFS extends that love to other neglected and abandoned farm animals that would otherwise have no home.