Judy Raven addresses the club about her work with WindowDressers.
Judy Raven of the Shelburne Climate & Energy Committee is our guest speaker today, sharing her work with WindowDressers.
Dan read a thank you note from Age Well for the club’s recent donation elevating our club to  Gold level with our recent donation.  Thank you to Jon Hammer and Ric Flood for assisting with this donation.
The Argosy Foundation donated $2,000 to our club this year.
Thanks to Carrie’s work on the Rotary District grant application, our club has received a grant for $2,000 that will go toward a bike repair station at The Charlotte Library and a bike stand at Charlotte Community Center. 
A $200 grant donation was made by Caldwell Banker to our club as well!  Margo Casco applied for this grant on our behalf.
Diane Vachon introduced Judy, who serves on the Climate Energy Committee in Shelburne.
Judy shared her passion for climate change and energy for over fifteen years, which led her to WindowDressers.
It was created by a church in Maine who realized they were losing heat through old windows.  One member of the congregation created window inserts and the heat savings was significant, along with a warmer church and reduced CO2 emissions. From there, the community build concept evolved after the church members wanted them for their own homes and eventually, other homes in the area. 
Customers place orders for the windows, precise measurements are taken, the parts are constructed in Maine and shipped to the communities.  From there, community builds are conducted to assemble the windows.  The customers also participate in the community builds.
Judy shared a small sample, they come in white and natural and do have two smaller windows.    The windows are made of foam, durable plastic and wood.  Removable by a tab, they are typically taken out in summer and stored. 
Efficiency Vermont offers a $100 rebate for people who install these windows.  A community build will be held October 31 and November 6 at the Shelburne Town Hall.
Dan presented the book “Helping Others: A Heros Guide To Making A Difference” by Tammy Scudder to the Hinesburg Library in her name.