Posted by Carrie Fenn on Mar 17, 2021
Happy St Patrick's Day to all our Irish friends! 
Michelle Gates, Executive Director of the Vermont Community Garden Network, was our guest speaker this beautiful spring morning.

March 17, 2021


CSH Rotary via Zoom


Bob Sanders, Carrie Fenn, Linda Gilbert, Chris Davis, John Dupee, Richard Fox, Susan Grimes, Lauri Burke, Sam Feitelberg, John Pane, Denis Barton, Jonathan Lowell, John Hammer, Dan York, Linda Barker, Carol Geske, Margaret Woodruff, Ric Flood, France LeBlanc, Roz Graham, Joan Lenes, Jim Donovan, Bill Deming, Marlene Moore


Chris rang the bell at 7:33


Linda has an Irish blessing this morning.

May your days be many and your troubles be few

May God’s blessing descend upon you

May peace be within you, may your heart be strong

May you find what you are seeking wherever you roam

And John Dupee chimed in- “May you be half an hour in heaven before the devil knows you're dead.”


Susan is working on the Spinathon! First week of April the site will go live to register.Chris is ordering a plaque for the bike station in Shelburne to commemorate George Schiavone. Susan is putting together baskets for top fundraisers, so if members have ideas for donations send them to Susan.


The recording of Holder Knack, the RI president, speaking with the Sunrise Club is available. Dan York and John Hammer  attended and said it was a very interesting conversation. He talked about appealing to younger people, diversifying clubs and making them more inclusive. 


Michelle Gates is with us today from the Vermont Community Garden Network. 

VCGN is a statewide organization that supports community gardens across the state. Those resources morph into helping folks garden in any space.

The Network focuses on hunger prevention & food equity and education & wellness.

Volunteer days are April 24 and May 1- the website will have all the opportunities available. 

Gardening for Health is a free 9 week gardening/wellness course for beginner gardeners with health issues. 

Sweet Potato slip sale is happening in June online and at Red Wagon plants. Sweet potato plants are very hardy and do really well in the Champlain Valley. 

The Harvest Walk will take place on August 28 at the Intervale. This is a family event designed to share the delights of a community garden. 

The Network has lots of resources on their website, as well as weekly newsletters, book clubs, and garden tours, as well as a Facebook page.

The Network offers memberships, volunteer opportunities, an ambassador program and takes contributions as a 501c3.

Website is

We’ll be donating a copy of the New Heirloom Garden to the Charlotte Library in Michelle’s name.


Closing words from Lauri Burke 

Walking to Indian River by Mary Oliver

Walking to Indian River – “I’m ready for spring, but it hasn’t arrived. / Not yet. / Still I take my walk, looking for any / early enhancements. / It’s mostly attitude.  I’m certain / I’ll see something. / I start down the path, peering in / all directions. / The mangroves, as always, are standing in their / beloved water, / their new leaves very small and tender / and pale. / And, look! the way the rising sun / strikes them, / they could be flowers / opening!” 


Have a great week!

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Fenn