Posted by Nancy Danforth on Jun 08, 2022

Margaret Woodruff - Slow Food


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Age Well sent the club  a thank you note for the club’s recent donation.  


The Farmer’s Market needs tent set up and take down this weekend, meet Carrie at 7:45 am Saturday.  


Jim Donovan requested volunteers for the Pierson Library book sale Thursday afternoon from 4:00 to 8:00. Let Jim or Susan know.


Denis collected the happy fines.


Laurie Burke introduced Margaret Woodruff, fellow Rotarian, who is speaking to our club today about the Slow Food movement.  

Margaret shared a presentation of the Slow Food Vermont.  An international clean food promotion organization that was created to protest fast food. In 1989 the Slow Food Manifesto was created in Italy.  In 2000 Slow Food USA was founded.  And in 2007 Slow Food Vermont was established.


The program has the “Snail of Approval” status which includes standards of clean, fair, healthy food habits.  Margaret shared a list of restaurants who have this status in our area.


Disco Soup is one of their programs and events, along with The Taste Exploration Series and Giving Circle.  BIPOC and Abnaki Native American groups are two groups targeted for Giving Circle.  SlowFood Vermont will be at Summervale in July and August this summer. Plant A Seed is another program of the organization.  This is within the library system in Vermont.  Farm To School is yet another program that will intend to bring local foods into the school cafeterias.  




Jim Donovan presented Margaret with the book “We Are What We Eat” by Alice Waters for The Charlotte Library.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.