Jim Donovan presents Chief Dickerson with the book "Fire Chief Fran" to be donated to the Pierson Library in his name.
Dan introduced the Chief of the Shelburne Fire Department.  Andrew grew up in Charlotte and currently lives in South Burlington.  He joined the fire department in 2009 having come through the Vermont Fire Academy where he still teaches.  Andrew is an electrician and contractor, he enjoys live music and his dog Moose. 
What does the fire department do?  They respond to fire smoke, hazmat and environmental, auto accidents, water and ice rescues, to name a few.  They respond to three hundred incidents per year with five apparatus and two boats, one ladder truck and various other equipment.
This department is 100% volunteer, comprised of people  who are life long members or new people who want to learn new skills and connect with their community.  Andrew is the only paid staff, with staffing as their biggest challenge.  He sees this staffing shortage as the fact of changing lifestyles in our culture. 
He began in the Cadet program which starts at sixteen.  This is an excellent source of volunteers.  They also seek out men and women who are just starting out with raising familes and are seeking to become involved in their communities.
The community connection is a critical and valuable piece, if volunteers make that connection to their community, they tend to become volunteers for the long term.  So they have to adapt to changing lifestyles.  How have they done that?  By reducing to forty hours of  training  vs two hundred and fifty.  They try to reduce maintenance and renovation by hiring contractors to do that work. 
The fire department does own land for a new future facility but that is likely eight to  fifteen years out.  This would be for all emergency departments, fire and rescue.  
The department works closely with Hinesburg and Charlotte fire departments, referred to as “tri town.”  These efforts are always supported by neighboring volunteer departments as well as the sharing of equipment.   
Jim Donovan presented Chief Dickerson with the book “Fire Chief Fran” by Linda Ashman to be donated in his name to the Shelburne Library.