Posted by Nancy Danforth on Sep 01, 2021
Many hands make light work! Rotarians made more than 100 sandwiches to assist local social service agencies.

Club Meeting September 1, 2021


Susan Grimes opened the meeting at 7:30.


Nancy Danforth shared opening words. 


Ric led us in the four way test. 


Susan welcomed Rene Sanchez back to our meeting. Rene is the Superintendent of the Champlain Valley School District. 


Jessica Brumsted shared that the Shelburne Social Services awarded a $2500 grant to The Days Inn, where many homeless are currently sheltering.   This money will be used to deliver meals over every third day until the money runs out. Area social workers and Howard Mental Health are working with the residents, assisting them with use of Vermont EBT cards and how to utilize other area resources.   A round table meeting will take place in Shelburne on September 22 regarding this location with area social organizations and the State of Vermont in attendance. 


Susan announced the Sunrise Rotary Club’s Spelling Bee is cancelled due to Covid.


Charlie Kofman shared  that The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Light The Night is also cancelled due to COVID and will be virtual. 


Carrie Fenn indicated there are still many slots and times available in the cafeteria this fall. 


Ric Flood reminded the golfers that they need to reimburse the club $68.75 for September 15 Essex Rotary Golf Tournament. 


Susan shared that the Golf Ball Drop sales are currently at 22%.  She and Carrie will be at Lantman’s in Hinesburg on September 7 to bring awareness and sell tickets.   


Denis Barton collected the happy fines.


The four committee of Public Relations, Service Projects, Finance and Memberhip broke into groups to discuss briefly, a plan going forward.


The committees reconvened with Public Relations reporting by Denis Barton and Service Projects by Linda Gilbert that we will meet again at the next Club meeting on October 6. Publicity for the Halloween Parade on October 31 will be released at the beginning of October and throughout the month. Linda indicated more posters and publicity are required for the Golf Ball Drop and we’ll have post event publicity for the Charlotte Tractor Parade on October 10. 


Carol Obuchowski reported for the Finance committee.  This committee will work on coordination of budget and finance as well as how best to manage money requests and grant requests.  


Ric Flood reported for the Membership committee.  They will be working on the possibility of  creating a packet for new members, holding a social event to share what Rotary and our club does as well as the  mentoring program. The Club’s 50th anniversary will also be a topic for the entire club. 


Keith Walsh shared closing words. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:30. 


Several members stayed to make sandwiches for the Days Inn. Susan will deliver the sandwiches along with the food drive items.