Michael Hibben, Director, tells the CSH Rotary Club why libraries still matter.
Jim Donovan presents Michael with the book "Finding Your Third Place"by Richard Kyte to be donated to The Pierson Library in his name.
Jim Donovan introduced Michael who has been the Director at the Pierson Library for nine months.  Originally from Amherst, Ohio, Michael has held library positions in Ohio, Los Angeles, Roanoke, VA and Denver, CO prior to landing his first leadership position here in Shelburne. 
Michael is enjoying his new position here in Shelburne and loves Vermont so far.  The current Pierson Library opened in this space on September 14, 2019 after several other homes.  It is actually in the building that was the buildings original intent!  It has five gallery spaces with new art exhibits opening continuously, more meeting spaces and a community room. The library is a green space.
After polling the club to describe how libraries were when we were growing up (quiet, Google via books, card catalogs, not accessible to all and over book fines), he asked what has changed in libraries since then.  Now, libraries have computers and wifi,  they are more welcoming, contact ebooks and audio books, movies, programs such as story telling, author guest appearances, book sales, rental of "other things" like snow shoes and weed wackers.  They are much more community oriented and they are more FUN!
Michael shared other ideas on the role of a library in our communities.  Such as, a third space, where you connect with others beyond home and work; they provide safe and welcoming environments after the pandemic, Technology and how to navigate overload; they create preservation and society while they promote civic engagement.  Finally, libraries are environmentally sustainable and they adapt to changing needs.  
Michael finished his presentation by asking the club what they'd like to see as the library continues to adapt.