Maria and Ashley share the programs of Pathway Vermont.  Jim Donovan presents the book "When We Walk By" to be donated to the Pierson Library in their name
Jim introduced Maria and Ashley.  Maria is the Director of Development and Communications for Pathway Vermont and lives in Westford.   Ashley graduated from the University of Vermont, hailing from NJ and lives in Burlington.
Pathway Vermont’s mission is to end homelessness and provide innovative to mental health alternatives. They are funded by the Department of Mental Health, Vermont.
Their approach and philosophy includes innovative mental health services: individual choice and self-determination, trauma informed relationships and services, harm reduction, peer support and community integration.
Their programs:
  • Housing First - rural orientation helping individuals find homes to begin their journey to wellness.  Nine counties utilize this program.
  • FACT Team: working  with folks coming out of incarceration.
  • Community Center: allows folks to come together and socialize and find very basic services such as meals, clothing, laundry facilites etc.
  • Support Line: A vital phone support system in Vermont that received 107,000  calls in 2023.
  • Pathways Rural Outreach Programs and Services - helps folks connect to all the resources available to homeless individuals. 
  • Peer Respite Pilot:  two year pilot program to offer two bed peer support.
  • Training Institute: learning grounded in innovative learning grounded in human connection. 
  • Peer Workforce Development Initiative.
  • Soteria House: five bedroom facility for individuals experiencing homelessness.
Maria shared a video of several young people who have spent time in the program. 
Jim presented the book “When We Walk By” by Kevin Adler and Donald Burnes to be donated to The Shelburne Pierson Library in their names.