Posted by Dan York on Oct 07, 2020
Carrie Fenn called the meeting to order at 7:32am.
Nancy Danforth provided the opening reading.
CSH Rotary - October 7, 2020
Carrie Fenn called the meeting to order at 7:32am.
Nancy Danforth provided the opening reading.
Denis Barton asked the question - what is your most exotic experience with land or animal transportation?
  • Stories were exchanged about camels, elephants, bicycles in China, horses at dude ranches… and then hot air balloons, boats in hurricanes, and more.
  • Next week: Where was your grandmother born?
Committee reports:
  • Signs are up in the towns.
  • Richard reports that all is green with town, law enforcement, others
  • 8 carts available from Kwiniaska
  • 3 floats have expressed interest
  • Candy will be purchased closer to the event
  • Volunteers needed:
    • People to drive golf carts and marshal people
    • People to stand along the length of the parade to help spread people out
    • Richard has reached out to other local Rotary groups
  • Discussion about how to socially distance people:
    • Cones would not too intensive
    • Looking into water-soluble paint to mark spots
  • Rotary float? In the past it has been Keith’s car. Charlie has offered red truck.
  • Parade starts at 2:00, asking for floats to be there by 1:00.
  • Charlie will be in the Aubuchon parking lot at 12:30pm for people who want to help decorate the red truck.
  • Not much cleanup is needed. Mainly bringing the carts back to Kwiniaska.
  • Richard will send a list of 
Bike rack
  • Bob has a draft of the dedication plaque, including a tribute to George Schiavone.
  • Ric showed a photo of a sign for a similar rack up on the rail trail.
  • Discussion about where to locate the bike rack.
Coat Drive
  • Chris is looking for drop-off locations. Libraries and churches are good candidates.
    • Jim Donovan will check with libraries in Charlotte and Hinesburg.
  • John Hammer is waiting on final drop locations. PR is ready to go.
Car Raffle
  • Ric Flood reports that the letter will go out this week.
Annual Fund Drive
  • Ric asks people to send him 10 names to whom he can send the letters.
  • Please send names to
School meal assistance
  • Hinesburg is no longer accepting volunteers
  • Charlotte has a few needs, such as people to ride on buses to deliver food
  • Shelburne is seeking volunteers on Wednesday
    • Charlie relayed his positive experience helping out in Shelburne
Shelburne Town Clock
  • Chris Davis authorized $200 to be donated. Linda Barker delivered the check.
  • We will be listed as a donor.
Closing words by Linda Gilbert, reading from Robert Frost’s “Road Less Taken”.
Meeting concluded at 8:30am