March 13, 2013 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Adam Bartsch opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom to give the devotional based on an Irish prayer.

Guests:  None

Quote for the Day: “As you slide down the bannister of life, may the splinters always be pointed downward.”  Uttered by an unknown person after the Irish prayer.

The Word for the Day: None


March 20 – Lexie Kaknes of Vermont Healthcare Initiative

March 23-24 – Shelburne Farms Maple Open House (Rotary parkers required)

March 27 –Nancy Heydinger, Girls on the Run Vermont

April 3 – Tom Ayers – Humane Society

April 10 – Laurie Stavrand - Refugee Resettlement

April 13 – Rotary Leadership Institute, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

June 6:  District Governor Change of Guard at Shelburne Farms Coach Barn. (Our club will play a key role in this event.)


Parking at Shelburne Farms

Bill Root, our Parking Czar, announced the need for 3 parkers per day for Shelburne Farms Maple Open House on March 23 & 24 from 9-2.  He is planning to have only one shift per day and expects the majority of work early on when the hotcakes are being served.  He circulated a sign-up sheet.


Ric will be circulating the blank address forms next week in an effort to increase the number of letters soliciting funds this year.  He noted that these are a surefire way to raise funds. Last year we raised $17,000 with only 14 Rotarian’s lists.  We can do better if the rest of the club would participate by giving 10 or 15 names and we could easily raise $40,000.

Williston-Richmond Rotary Ski-Ride Affair

John Beal, one of our Club’s intrepid skiers, reported that our team came in second this year, losing the Rotary Team Cup for the first time in quite a few years.  He noted that the Williston-Richmond Rotary fielded a team of ringers this year.

SBPA Mixer next Tuesday

Tod Whitaker announced that the Shelburne Business and Professional Association will be hosting a mixer next Tuesday, 5-7 pm at the Shelburne Winery.  SBPA will be announcing a new relationship with the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Lyme Disease

Colleen Haag, a sufferer of chronic Lyme disease, spoke of the lamentable state of health coverage in Vermont with respect to Lyme disease.  Firstly, there is a serious lack of knowledge on the part of health professionals in the state.  The other states of New England and New York have special allowances for extended antibiotic delivery necessary to combat chronic Lyme.  If caught early enough, Lyme disease only requires a 28-day regimen while it requires much, much more when it reaches the chronic stage. There is legislation currently in the Vermont Legislature Health Care Committee to address this problem.  Meanwhile Colleen suffers from extreme fatigue and joint pain.

Lyme constitutes a growing epidemic and Colleen warned us all to be mindful of ticks when in the out of doors and around our pets.  Care must be exercised to remove the entire tick, when taking them off your body.  The bulls-eye rash is not always present.

Visioning Committee

Kris Engstrom asked that members of the Visioning Committee be available to meet for a short meeting after next week’s Club meeting.

CVU Community Service Fair

Students at CVU are required to perform a certain amount of community service.  To help them decide where to apply, there will be a Community Service Fair at the school 11:30-1:30 on April 16th.  This will be an ideal opportunity to sign up students to help with our community projects.  President Adam asked for volunteers to man a table.

Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) Spring Blooms

The VNA will hold its Spring Blooms Fashion Show and Luncheon on April 11th this year.  Anyone interested in attending is asked to contact President Adam.

Jim Spad’s Humor

The subject this week was celibacy, whether it is a choice in life or a condition imposed by life circumstances. While attending a Marriage Weekend, Frank and Ann listened to the leader declare that it is essential that husbands and wives know the things that are important to each other. He then addressed the Frank. “Can you name and describe your wife’s favorite flower?” Frank leaned over and gently touched Ann’s hand and said, “Gold Medal; All Purpose; isn’t it?”  Thus began Frank’s life of celibacy.

Sergeant at Arms

Richard Fox was all excited about Irish heritage pending the forthcoming St. Patrick’s Day.  All those, i.e., most of the members, would be probably have to admit some tie or other and pay a fine.


Linda Gilbert – Reported that husband, Al, is collecting maple sap and will be using it soon.  He’ll not be using it for pancakes, but to make beer.

Kris Engstrom – Happy today’s heavy rain is not snow.

George Schiavonne – Wondered if the snow will ever return after all this rain.

Ric Flood – Happy the stock market has been listening to him.

Tod Whitaker – Reported that he has had a request from a fellow who intends to sell smoked maple syrup at the Shelburne Farmers’ Market this summer.

Bill Deming – Happy his grandson has been accepted in a PhD program at U. Mass in Amherst.

Dave Rice – Birthday Fine.

Colleen Haag drew the Two of Spades.  Rollover the $301 pot.