January 15, 2014 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Dave Jonah opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom gave the invocation.

Guests: Erin Adams and Julie Clayton from PT 360

Mikie Marcotte – Grandson of Gary Marcotte (It was Mikie’s 5th birthday and the club broke with its tradition by lustily singing Happy Birthday To You.)



January 22 – Tiffany Bluemly speaking on Vermont Works for Women

January 29 – Camilla Rockwell speaking on “The Art and Part of Aging”. She was Ken Burns’ director for ten years.

Kris Engstrom will run meetings on January 29 and February 12

Adam Bartsch will run meetings on February 12 and 19

April 25-27 – 7850 District Conference, Hilton Hotel, Burlington

District 7850 Calendar: Hot Link http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EventsCalendar.aspx?accountid=50051


Rotary Foundation

Pat Sokolowski is still in business accepting donations for Polio Plus and the Rotary Foundation with matching funds for the Polio Plus.

District Publicity Program

Earl Wertheim, the District Public Relations Officer is soliciting members who can make a testimonial for WCAX-TV touting the benefits of Rotary membership. WCAX will be videotaping at the Colchester RC Meeting on January 23 from 12-1:30. If you would like to be considered for a vignette that will be pieced together with those of other Rotarians, contact Marc Pratico at mpratico@theupsstore.com.

Literary Project

Elaine Dates proposed that the club take part in a literary project that calls for speaking to a librarian to determine what books might be needed and then to buy that book. The idea is to buy a book to donate and put a note in the front noting that it is a gift from Rotary. This is particularly apt since the recent burst pipe flood that destroyed 800 books in the Shelburne Pierson Library. Lara Keenan was particularly supportive of the idea.

John Dupee’s Humor

It seemed that a young man just got his driver’s license and after a short time asked his father to buy him a car. His father, after some vacillating, agreed if his son: 1) raised his GPA from a C to a B, 2) Spent more time reading the Bible, and 3) get his hair cut. And so it came to pass that after a month and a report card was received, the son again approached his father. He proudly announced that he had raised his GPA to a B and had read the entire New Testament and committed 20 verses to memory. When his father asked about why he hadn’t had his hair cut, the boy replied, “Well dad I noticed in my Bible reading that Samson, John the Baptist and Jesus had long hair. Why should I?”  His father replied, “Well son, you may also have noticed that all of them walked every place they went.”

Sergeant at Arms – Everyone who is happy for Mikie’s birthday owe a fine.

Carol Obuchowski – Bought Cabela boots before Christmas and she’d like to burn them right now because of the winter weather and cold.

Sam Feitelberg – Spoke to Jim and Paula Spadaccini last weekend on the occasion of Jim’s birthday. They are well and sent their best wishes

Terrill Titus – Husband Steve is in Florida avoiding the cold. Terrill will join him soon.

John Hammer – Obsessed about his having been stopped by the flashing red lights from three different school buses on the way to the meeting.

Rick Flood- Was happy to be going to Florida for some golf.

Linda Gilbert – For the full moon (Wolf Moon) and the two young ladies from PT 360 visiting.

Dave Jonah – Happy that his son has been accepted into the ΣΧ Fraternity.

Rosalyn Graham – Happy to have three guests at her table.

Julie Clayton (Guest) – Would love to have Terrill Titus and Steve visit them at the PT 360 Gym.

Erin Adams (Guest) – Thanks for the warm welcome

Elaine Dates – Very appreciative for everyone who has stepped up to help her run the District Conference.

Steve Dates – Good wishes to the H2H-T team leaving in a week and a half.

Gary Marcotte – Would like to see no ice and more snow.

Mikie Marcotte – Reveled in the singing of Happy Birthday to him.  Thanks.

Dennis Webster – Happy that Toronto beat Boston in ice hockey.

Howard Seaver – For his birthday.

John Dupee – Happy to be seeing the sun earlier and earlier

Tod Whitaker – Ice is finally off the drive. Yahoo!

Lara Keenan – Thank everyone for the support to the library after the burst pipe flood.

The Early Table had the winning ticket and drew the Four of Clubs.  Roll over the pot of more than $304. There were two winning tickets if you only considered the last three. However, the 771564 won not the 774564. Where else but at the C-S Rotary?

Speaker – Committee Meeting – Group Overview regarding the District Conference.

The Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club owns the District Conference scheduled on April 25-27 April 2014.

The Chairs are:

Overall – Elaine Dates

Program – Linda Gilbert – Organizes the speakers, entertainment, workshops, and program.

Registration – John Beal – Organized the hotel. Hotel will handle the money. He will need a few volunteers to help him at the registration desk. There are multiple packages to shuffle. Also it is their responsibility to distribute welcome packs. Expecting 140, which is a greater number than previous conferences.

Administration – Dave Rice – In charge of Sergeant at Arms that might be renamed Ambassadors. They will also handle the protocol, meeting and greeting of guests and dignitaries. They will coordinate with the hotel for audio-visual needs and challenges.

Financial – “T” Tall, the District Treasurer – has offered to handle the financial matters. This will include sponsorships and ads. Anything that is garnered from sponsorships and ads, the cost to the guests will be reduced.

Sponsorships and Ads – Robert Maynes – Looking for $3,000 in ads and $8,000 in sponsorships.

Flower Show Coordinator – Elaine Dates –

Linda Gilbert began with a review of the District organization and why our club is in charge. The theme for the Conference will be Local Assets – Global Reach.

Richard Fox followed with his thoughts on the programs themselves. There are four breakout sessions and one luncheon speaker for Friday the 25th. He has made tentative inquiries to potential speakers. There will be two breakout sessions on Friday, two on Saturday and the luncheon program on Friday.  We have three confirmed speakers, one of whom is the couple of Robert and Martha Manning who have walked around the world. Their book, belonging to Linda Gilbert was purloined* and circulated to club members, much to Linda’s chagrin. They will be the first out of the gate on Friday afternoon. There will be a tentative food and beverage panel next. Ken Albert of Shelburne Vineyards and possibly Matt Cohen from Fiddlehead Brewery will be present. Saturday it is anticipated that Paula Routly from the Seven Days Newspaper will address the first breakout session and The Champlain Housing Trust, which uses an international model will be last. Friday lunch has Barrie Dunsmore, past foreign and White House correspondent at ABC scheduled as the speaker.  The Saturday night affair will be a Rotary Talent Night. A comedy participation team called “Whose Line is it Anyway?” is being considered for Friday night.

Dave Rice outlined his responsibilities, many of which were covered above by Linda Gilbert. He will be needing volunteers to act as ambassadors/Sergeants at Arms. He will coordinate the flags, banners and Rotary bell. Kris Engstrom will be providing the table flowers.

John Beal will be looking for registration personnel, probably 2-3 per shift. The shifts will be 2 – 8 PM on Friday, 7AM – 8 PM on Saturday and 7AM to 8AM on Sunday. He is looking for 2-3 more volunteers.

Pat Sokolowski will be investigating a service program for Saturday afternoon. It will most likely be a PR thing around Polio Plus or the Rotary Foundation. There might be a tour set up for Shelburne (Museum, Vineyard, Teddy Bear and Farms) for Saturday afternoon.

Word of the Day:  Purloined, part. -  To steal, often in a violation of trust