February 19, 2014 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary

Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


Past-President Adam Bartsch, standing in for President Dave who is in Honduras, opened the meeting with the Pledge and Kris Engstrom gave the invocation.

Quote of the Day: “Lake Access – Life Lessons for All”, the mantra of the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center for the last ten years.


Chris Stewart – Member Williston Richmond Rotary Club

Don Hersey - Member Williston Richmond Rotary Club

Mark Naud– Executive Director, Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center - Speaker

Dale Hyerstay – Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center

Marcel Beaudin - Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center

Mikie Marcotte – Grandson of Gary Marcotte


February 26 – Ross Saxton, Lake Champlain International

March 5 – Dr. Pamela Blair; Author, Life Coach, Therapist and Couples Counselor.

March 12 – Club Assembly

March 22-23 – Shelburne Farms Maple Fest – Club will be providing parking

April – Volunteer projects at Shelburne Nature Path, Charlotte Demeter Park and Hinesburg (TBD)

April 25-27 – 7850 District Conference, Hilton Hotel, Burlington

District 7850 Calendar: Hot Link http://www.clubrunner.ca/Portal/Events/EventsCalendar.aspx?accountid=50051

Quote of the Day  -  “Lake Access – Life Lessons for All.” This has been the mantra of the LCCSC for the last ten years.


Roz Graham circulated pictures of the twenty babies born on one day in Tela last week.

Williston Richmond Rotary Club Ski Challenge

Chris Stewart of the Williston Richmond Rotary Club announced and invited our club to their club’s ski challenge to raise money for Vermont Warm low-income heating assistance fund. It will be held on March 14th at Bolton Valley ski Area. Registration starts at 3PM. Races will start at 5:30. Rotary Club teams of four members can compete for the trophy. Lift and race registration is $47. Dinner only will cost $30 per person.

This is a family event.  Contact club at: http://bit.ly/1br6hxo

Jim Spad’s Humor

A couple that had been married 50 years went to dinner. During a very romantic interlude the husband took his wife’s hand in his and, looking longingly into her eyes, asked if she had ever been unfaithful to him. She hesitatingly replied that yes, she had three times, but always with very good reason. He in turn confessed that he had sometimes suspected this and asked which were the instances.

His wife began with number one, which was back when they were young and were on the verge of losing their mortgage on their first house. She slept with the bank’s mortgage officer, just that once, but the mortgage debt was forgiven. The husband quickly forgave his wife.

Number two – Occurred later in life when the husband needed heart surgery and there wasn’t enough money to pay. After she had slept with the surgeon, the surgery was successfully completed for free. Naturally the husband was quick to forgive his wife.

Number three was described thusly: “You remember three years ago when you were running for the presidency of the golf club and you needed 73 more votes to win?”

Sergeant at Arms

Chris Davis – Will be in Boise next week.

Michael Clapp – Paid $1 for John Dupee’s birthday and $1 because he is still a year ahead of him.

Fritz Horton – Happy to have his fellow Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center buddies here today. Together they represent 70 years of experience with the LCCSC.

Bill Root – Has given up alcohol for the month of February and there is only another ten days to go but his usage of cough syrup has risen sharply.

Denny Bowen – Happy that his wandering brother in law has been found and brought home five times and that only three of the instances were after 2AM.

John Dupee – For his friend Michael Clapp’s birthday.

Tod Whitaker – For a great Shelburne Candidates’ Night.

Robert Maynes – A great Valentine’s Day weekend in Montreal.

Ric Flood – Good weekend snowshoeing at Lake Memphremagog.

Roz Graham – Great Candidate’s. Happy to have Tom home from the China in a few days.

Pat Sokolowski – Son got engaged on Valentine’s Day.

Chris Stewart (Guest) – Thanks for the great welcome and a dollar for not eating all of his potatoes.

John Hammer – One Lempira (worth 5 cents) for being back from Honduras, a dollar for the fantastic bouquet that Kris put together for Dorrice in his absence and another dollar for being home where you can drink water out of the tap and eat just about any vegetable without worry. We are so very lucky to have reliably pure drinking water.

Kris Engstrom – Thanks for all the support she got at her shop during the rush of Valentine’s Day Week. And four more dollars that she doesn’t have it for another year.

Richard Fox – Both daughters have had every known disease over the past week.

Mikie Marcotte – Went skiing and had fun.

Fritz Horton’s Table pooled and had the winning ticket. They drew the Ten of Spades.  Roll over the pot of $395.

Speaker – Mark Naud of the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center (LCCSC)



Dale Hyerstay, Mark Naud, Marcel Beaudin and Fritz Horton of the Lake Champlain Community Sailing center


Mark Naud, the Interim Executive Director of the LCCSC took over recently to guide the organization in its transition and development resulting from new initiatives to develop Burlington’s waterfront. The LCCSC has been in operation for twenty years and is located in what he described as a dilapidated and humble site in the Burlington Water Department’s garage to the NW of the old Moran plant. The LCCSC serves over 5,000 persons annually.

The goal is to break down the economic and physical barriers to the broad use of watercraft, particularly, in sailing on Lake Champlain.


To do this, the LCCSC runs four signature programs:

·      LeaderSHIP – They collaborate with youth organizations such as the Lund Center, King Street Youth and Mobius in teaching leadership with sailing as its medium. Sailing combines the need for teamwork, responsible roles, life skills and followership

·      Women in Wind empowers girls and women in a sport that has traditionally been dominated by males. It includes personal challenge, time for reflection and team building.

·      Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports supports people with disabilities in realizing their goals by using adaptive teaching methods and equipment to include two modified sailboats.

·      Floating Classroom creating future stewards of Lake Champlain. LCCSC collaborates with the Burlington School System in programming for “out of the box,” experiential learning. It brings STEM* and social studies subject learning to 2200 kids. The goal is to teach every child in the fifth grade. Ultimately they hope to get every one of the middle school students.

The LCCSC also provides a whole schedule of sailing and water-based courses through out their season from April through October. Similarly there is a full schedule of Youth Summer Sailing Camps throughout the summer. Ninety-five percent receive some subsidy or support for signature program activity. Forty percent of all users get some level of financial support. Lake Access – Life Lessons for All is the mantra of the LCCSC for the last ten years.

Sixty-five Percent of their costs are covered by fee-for-services. They run a number of fund-raising events to include a Rock the Dock Celebration, (July Fireworks night), Stand Up for the Lake (August 17) and End of the Season Celebration (October 19).

Development of the Waterfront. The LCCSC has been heavily involved in the development of the Burlington waterfront. It stems from Marcel Beaudin’s vision to develop that land. They have pushed forward a $5 Million program to build a real center.

Over the past few years Mayor Weinberger has put together a Public Investment Action Plan and Waterfront Access North project to provide the funding, investment and resources for redeveloping a portion of the northern Moran Plant yard. Included will be $500,000 to prepare the site shown for the LCCSC. The new site when built upon will include a new building and storage yard, classrooms, administrative offices, bathrooms and locker rooms, maintenance facilities, boats and equipment. This plan is part of the Tax Increment Financing Bond vote to be held in Burlington on Town Meeting Day. The Burlington Waterfront is considered as an asset from a cachement area containing 50-70 million persons.



The building will have three floors with the first being reception and workshops, the second for meetings and classrooms and the top floor an open air classroom with meeting and convention spaces. The building will also be used by a number of collaborating organizations such as the UVM sailing program and adaptive sports program.

The preparation phase will be completed by the end of next summer. Then the additional $4.5 Million capital campaign will begin. This will not impact the tax rate and the money for the preparation phase is there.

For more information visit www.communitysailingcenter.org

Word of the DaySTEM, n. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education.