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By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary



Wednesday, April 23, 2014, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Dave opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom gave the invocation.

Guests: Jim Donovan – Speaker

Joe Colangelo, Shelburne Town Manager


April 25-27 – 7850 District Conference, Hilton Hotel, Burlington. Members are urged to pre-register at More Below.

April 30 – Brett Sigurdson, Editor of the Charlotte News

May 3 – Rebuilding Together working on a Senior citizens home in South Burlington. Interested should log on, on-line. (

May 7 – Dr. Marvin Malik of Vermont Physicians for National Health.

May 14 – Robin Turnau, President of Vermont Public Radio

May – Volunteer work in Hinesburg (TBD). The building is being designed.

Early June – Volunteer work in clearing at Charlotte Demeter Park and Shelburne Nature Path. Michael Clapp will be passing out lists in a week or so.

June 6 – Bowlathon

June 11 – Essex Rotary Golf Championship

District 7850 Calendar: Hot Link


Potential New Member – The Club Bylaws require that potential new members be warned twice before they can be inducted into the club. In this case, this is the first notice for Mark Lund of Falls Road, Shelburne. Mark is a photographer and in advertising sales with Wind Ridge Publishing as an Account Executive. He is president of his neighborhood association and has been active in neighborhood beautification and security. He is a member of the Late Model Bug Organization, a VW bug camping and charitable organization. Roz Graham is his sponsor.

Rotary District 7850 Conference – 180 have registered. The larger numbers are creating the need to change venues. It’s “coming together well.”

Shelburne Town Manager – Colleen Haag introduced Joe Colangelo, the new Town Manager for Shelburne. He pointed out that he values teamwork, working together to find a common vision. It was his intention to listen to the community and work towards that common vision so that both he and the town can move forward together. His goal is to work with everyone and have an open and transparent local government with an inviting town hall with excellent customer service.  He is looking forward to working with everyone.

Bowlathon – Ric asked for solicitation letter addresses.

Spads’s Humor

A man is sitting in a bar enjoying a cocktail when an exceptionally gorgeous, sexy woman enters. The man cannot stop staring at her. She noticed this and walked over straight towards him and before he had a chance to offer his apologies for being so rude, the woman said to him, “I’ll do anything you want me to do no matter how kinky for $100 on one condition.” Flabbergasted the man asked what the condition was. The young woman replied, “You have to tell me what you want me to do in just three words.” The man considered the proposition for a moment, drew out his wallet and producing $100 in $20 bills, looked her straight in the eye and said, “Paint my house.”

Sergeant at Arms – Richard Fox went after those who were not wearing their Rotary badges today.

Many members fell to the fine and many also welcomed Colleen Haag back.

Ric Flood – Daughter Megan finished the Boston Marathon this week.

Robert Maynes – Just returned from a great holiday at Hilton Head Island.

Sam Feitelberg – Grandson, Daniel Feitelberg, wanted to honor his godfather, John Dupee, who ran in the Marathon.

Steve Dates – In anticipation of having lunch with Jim Spad in Oklahoma next week.

Dave Rice – Great ten days in Oakville, ON with relatives.

Denny Bowen – Unhappy that some animal had pruned his blueberry bushes to 18” ver the winter.

Alan Hathaway – Will be working at the third hole at the qualifier (?) championship next week.

Tom Glaser – Off to Florida tomorrow.

Trafton Crandall – Saw a grey fox run across his pasture this morning. Happy his chicken coop door was closed.

George Schiavonne – For Fritz Horton who loaned him his badge since he, Fritz, was not here. (At least he thought so). As was seen, Fritz was here and at another table. George was caught red-handed.

Fritz Horton – Just back from a “transformational week” in Portland, OR walking in the forest and communing with nature. A great week!

Chris Davis - Paid for those on his table who were not wearing badges. His not wearing his badge brought on the fines.

Michael Clapp- His TV was broken so his neighbor, Trafton, invited him over to watch THE game on his TV. Michael’s team lost.

Pat Sokolowski – Look out for her at the District Conference at the Make a Wish table. She will have undergone a transformation. It will be a surprise.

Carole Obuchowski – Happy that the guest gift bags for the District Conference are coming together.

Kris Engstrom – Happy for her new eye lens. She gets another in two weeks Thanks to Doris and Sam for filling in for her in the past two weeks with the devotional.

Linda Gilbert – Encouraged all members to come hear the speakers at the District Conference.

Tod Whitaker – Son is just back from four months of snowboarding at Jackson Hole, WY.

Trafton Crandall’s ticket was drawn for the second week in a row. He picked the Nine of Clubs for a rollover of the $34 pot.

Speaker – Jim Donovan of Broad Research and Design. Jim is a landscape architect who has been drawn into the team that is developing the Route Seven Study north of the LaPlatte Bridge.


The study is based on what is called “form-based code.” The objective is to plan town elements not based on use but on the form that the town wishes it to look like. In this case, the intent is to make Route Seven north to look and feel like a town, not a strip of retail establishments.

He presented an illustrative plan that showed where changes would be made. The plan is really only a base for consideration and is the result of many years of meetings and charettes. It reflects what the community wants the corridor to look like in the future.


The plan shows (North to the right) the corridor from the LaPlatte River Bridge north to the South Burlington line.

·       Green zone north of bridge

·       Rice area becomes clustered residential buildings and mixed use buildings. Rice would move slightly up the hill to the SW.

·       The middle area would include more set backs with green space. There is room for a possible hotel and conference site in the large purple circle in the middle. There is also land there where the orange rectangle is located for a middle school.

·       North of Days Inn would be denser and integrated development with closer setbacks and potential for parallel roads behind the stores and buildings fronting Route Seven (Similar to San Remo Drive in South Burlington). The hope here is to induce people to live and work in the same area and provide more opportunities for pedestrian movement.

·       This plan is for a 20-50 year outlook.

·       Next action is to develop a new zoning map which will lead to regulatory codes

·       The steering committee meets next on May 12 at 7PM to begin base zoning. Public is invited.

·       Plan is on the Shelburne Town website at: