Ric Flood welcomes our newest member: Kevin Lewis from Hinesburg
President Dan York presents member Ric Flood with a Paul Harris +5 Pin!
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Elizabeth Chang and Amanda Stenroos -Green Mt. Chamber Music Festival
 Ric Flood welcomed Kevin Lewis from Hinesburg as our newest member.  Kevin is the editor of The Hinesburg Record community newspaper.  Kevin was born in Hawaii. 
Dan presented Ric Flood with a Paul Harris +5 Fellow pin.
January 31 - CSH Rotary speech contest with three contestants. 
April 18 - District 7850 event at Lake Morey, Fairlee, VT.
March 16 - Pie Day now at The Shelburne Community School.
May 5 - Shelburne Farms Parking event.
May 10 - Car Raffle
Dan introduced Elizabeth Chang and Amanda Stenroos from The Green Mountain Chamber Festival.
Elizabeth shared a little history of the organization, founded by Kevin Lawrence in 2004, this four-week festival welcomes two hundred students and forty plus teachers to Vermont to hone their musical prowess and skills.  The camp allows the students to practice four hours in the morning, attend classes in the afternoon, and participate in  concerts in the evenings. 
In addition to education, the festival brings classical music to the community, provides opportunities for the students to conduct community service by bringing music to food shelfs/pantries and cultivate music educators.  The organization also increases access to classical music for young people in under represented cultures and communities.  With a  strict structure, the students learn what life as a classical musician looks like.  
Amanda shared some of the programs, such as “Classical Encounters,” which provides opportunities to  go out into the community for thirty minute pop up concerts.  Allows the students to play and speak in public and get to know the area.
“Music For Food” Initiative - a benefit for local food shelves.  On May 17 & 18 there will be a concert here by the FaMa Quartet for this initiative with another concert at Wake Robin.
They also work with “Equity Arc” - an organization dedicated to bringing BIPOC students to classical music.  
Jim Donovan presented the book “Year of Wonder” by Clemency Burton-Hill to Elizabeth and Amanda which will be donated to the Charlotte Library in their names.