Posted by Dan York on May 12, 2021
Mysa is a lifestyle-focused boutique by women
and for women who prioritize health and wellness,
and who crave beautiful, long-lasting things for
themselves and their homes. Mysa aims to offer a
mindfully curated retail experience that cultivates
a sense of coziness and contentment for home,
body, and soul.

CSH Rotary Meeting - 12 May 2021


Chris Davis called the meeting to order at 7:33am.


Laurie Burke provided the opening words.


Chris reported that the race went well, although very hectic at the start and finish. Multiple people reported that their stations went well and many runners were very thankful for them being there. Six people volunteered. There is another race coming up.


Susan reported that we are getting donations coming in for the Spin-a-thon.


Ros Graham will be sending a message to the SBPA e-news about the race. Multiple people complemented Laurie Burke on the excellent article in the Shelburne News.


Laurie Burke asked the group if we would like to have more speakers related to environmental activism, given the new area of focus for Rotary International. There was interest from the group in sprinkling these talks throughout the year.


Chris Davis reported that we will be receiving some trees from Rotary International. The idea is to work with some local organization to have these trees planted.


There was discussion about helping the schools with food deliveries. There seems to be some confusion about where volunteers are needed. Susan Grimes will work with Carrie Fenn to sort out where people are needed.


Margaret Woodruff reported that she was contacted by the editor of Rotary International’s magazine who indicated that they are working on an article about librarians who are Rotarians. She asked that if we knew any librarians who are in Rotary, she can connect them to the editor.


Jen Whalen was the speaker today. She is the co-owner of a new shop, Mysa, at 65 Falls Road in the heart of Shelburne village. She spoke of her background and how she wound up launching this new store, what they offer, what their challenges are, and much more.


After the speaker Chris confirmed that Margo Casco was willing to continue serving as Treasurer.

Motion: To elect Margo Casco as Treasurer for the 2021-2022 year.

    Moved: Jim Donovan. Second: Susan Grimes. Approved unanimously.


Nancy Danforth provided the closing words.


Chris Davis closed the meeting at 8:30am.