Posted by Carrie Fenn on May 27, 2020

Fritz asked we all give a summary about what life has been like these last few months. 


Ros Graham, Linda Barker, Keith Walsh, Jim Donovan, Charlie Kaufman, Margo Casco, John Hammer, France LeBlanc, Linda Gilbert, Denis Barton, Richard Fox, Ric Flood, Dan York, Tod Whitaker, Adam Bartsch, Bill Deming, Jonathan Lowell, Fritz Horton, Sam Feitelberg, Chris Davis, Terry Kennaugh, Carrie Fenn, Chris Davis

Keith called the meeting to order at 7:35. 

We don’t have any set plans for Green Up Day- people are individually signing up for areas. In Charlotte, the Quonsett Hut is opening at 8 to hand out bags. Chris will be there to pick up bags and Charlotters who want to participate can meet him there to strategize. Charlotters can then join up with Margo later. Drop off for bags Shelburne is the town garage, Hinesburg is the town highway garage and Charlotte is the former site of the Quonsett hut. 

Richard Fox reported that the District is working on leadership changeover. June 20 at 5pm, the District will host a one hour event with a guest speaker. Invites are circulating.

Fritz asked we all give a summary about what life has been like these last few months. 

Fritz and his wife have been catching up with friends they haven’t talked to in a few years via Facetime and it’s been wonderful to have the time. 

John Hammer said there’s an idea going around Wake Robin with folks writing postcards to friends they haven’t connected with in a while. 

Ric Flood said his friend Lenny is about to celebrate his 106th birthday on June 12. If you’d like to send him a card, Ric will give you his address. Lenny still lives independently. Leonard Roberge 90 Allen Road, Apt. 22, South Burlington VT 05403. His daughter is trying to overwhelm him with cards, and be sure to include a note letting him know where he knows you from. France makes handmade greeting cards if anyone needs them. She can mail them to you. 

Diana said things have been strange but the Town Office is open and they’ve adapted to letting people in the offices using social distancing and plexiglass.

Ric Flood said they closed the office March 17. He works in the office by himself, and another employee started coming in last week for a few hours in the morning. 

Jim Donovan said he and his wife both have home offices so things haven’t been that different for them. He feels it’s a blessing that his life hasn’t changed that much.

Linda Gilbert said she has been doing a lot of gardening and having campfires. For kids it’s strange for them to be doing everything online. She and her husband are baking sourdough rolls and bread and pancakes. For socializing, they keep their soccer game chairs in the car and meet people six feet apart and visit with friends. In Honduras, cases are going up and food security is very difficult. She is seeing lots of birds and wildlife. 

Jonathan and Dan have been going to Cookie Love- No Mask No Service!

Catering by Dale is bringing dinners and cocktails to folks going out on their boats. 

Scoop is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-8.

Al’s French Fries is offering call in service.

Shelburne Country Store is making maple creemees. 

Roz attended the Shelburne Selectboard meeting and there was a long discussion about the use of masks in the town of Shelburne and the town ended up with the language everyone is “urged” to wear masks. 

France has stopped visiting her local general store in Starksboro but no one in the store wears a mask. 

Keith’s office has implemented tight protocols per the state guidelines. They are able to see about half the number of patients they typically do, and he feels it creates a better experience seeing few folks. Patients are typically coming in with masks, and everything gets cleaned when the patient leaves.

Everyone is excited to schedule a haircut!

Citizen’s Bank is closing on the third. Linda will come by Ric’s office to pick up checks. 

In regard to our Changing of the Guard, we could meet outside somewhere, but in keeping with state guidelines. 

Meeting was closed out at 8:33. 

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Fenn