Minutes from Shelburne/Charlotte Rotary Meeting 10/7/15
Trafton lead in pledge of allegiance
Dave Rice did invocation
Guests:  Jim Sandler, Bob Maynes, Jane McKnight, Alan Bates brought Elizabeth
Next week is Committee meetings
Community Party this weekend—passed around sign up sheet
    Polio Plus, Car Raffle, Rotary itself
Halloween Parade:  Dave Rice has sign up sheet
    Additional floats? Business Association?
Football pool:  Gary Boynton
    Bill won $50
Updates on car raffle by Rick Flood:  Has 3 $10 pumpkin raffle tickets—Please sell 1 or ½ ticket
    27 draw for $270 for car raffle tickets; waiting to hear form 15-18 people by 10/23
  1. Silent auction
  2. Music by Rick & Ramblers
  3. Shelburne Historical Society event 10/10:  will be trying to sell pumpkin tickets, need members there.
  1. Library book sale: 10,000 books
  2. Fireman’s breakfast
  3. Sunday afternoon for leftovers
  4. Library kiosk
  5. Afterwards go to Shelburne farm
Drawing Pumpkin raffle: Betsy Hathaway won
Don Sage:  Have 7 volunteer for Halloween parade, need 12
Happy Fines
                  Kevin:  apple picking
                  Sam: daughter visiting and her good cancer test results
                  Rick Flood: car raffle 2 weeks away
                  Jim Donovan—attended 3 times in a row
                  George Schiavone—visited Salem NH, America’s Stonehenge
                  John Lowell—happy after Portugal trip
                  Steve Dates—happy to see Bob Maynes back
                  Alan Bates—happy wife is joining
                  Barbara Comeau—happy for completing Vermont 50
                  Joan Lenes—3 days at conference in Washington, saw Boehner who seemed very relaxed
                  Trafton—happy baseball season is over
                  Roz Graham—Saturday was lovely weather
                  Carolyn Husk—daughter moved
                  Richard Fox—gets to celebrate two Thanksgivings because he married into Canadian family
                  Chris Davis—Wicham world of pumpkins this Saturday
                  Terry Kennaugh—made it through South Carolina before rain came, 54th year anniversary
                  Lara Keenan—excited about book fair
                  Danny Bowen—photovoltaic on roof $500 credit
                  Michael Clapp—Sea World project
                  John Beal—daughter made surprise visit
Bob Maynes drew; Lara played for pool—drew 9 of Hearts
Lara introduced Frank Bryan Emeritus Professor at UVM. Taught from 1977-2013. Published many books and has appeared on national network shows. Former Golden Gloves boxer and rodeo rider.
Frank is working on an article about the Sanders candidacy in which he will write about the implications of a Sanders victory:
  1. We will have a president with little executive experience as Sanders “wasn’t really mayor of Burlington.
  2. Sanders is an ideologue, not a politician. Sanders ranks 95 on the score card of the Americans for Democratic Action. It’s not good to have an ideologue as president.
  3. Sanders is probably too old. At 74 he would be the oldest error. The average age of presidents is 64. Reagan governed from age 70 to 78 and clearly was not doing well during the last two years of his presidency. Average age of presidents upon taking office is 55. He will probably not have the leverage of an election to a second term. The difference between serving in the Senate and being president is that the latter is far more demanding in terms of making executive decisions.
Frank was presented with the book Surprise Attack, which will be donated to a local library on his behalf.