Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary Club Meeting Wednesday, October 28, 2015  weather 36 F,  clear, light wind, a beautiful orange and red sunrise.

President Trafton rang the first bell at 7:30 and  led the members in the pledge, and Chris Engstrom gave a fitting blessing.

The meeting came to order (a relative term) at 7:40

Thanks and congratulations were given to Rick, Fritz, and all the others who helped with the Car Raffle and the Halloween Parade.

A thank you note was received from the Shelburne Historical Society for a donation.

New member Jane McKnight, a Shelburne resident, was introduced by Rick, sponsored by Steve Dates, and she was inducted into the club with all present reciting the 4-way test.  Jane has recently closed her law practice, has two grown children, and is looking to get out in the community in new ways.  This Club can help with that! Welcome Jane!

John Hammer received a special jeweled rotary pin for the number of new members he has sponsored.

President Trafton reported that the board had voted to make a donation of $250 to the Northern Friends of Haiti, motion by Alan, seconded by Howard, motion carries.

Rick reported that the Board received a request from the Bobbe Maynes, the President of the local Cancer Patient Support Foundation, for a donation of $1,000 to be made in the name of Terrell Titus and her husband.  The Board voted to make a $500 donation.  Motion by Rick, seconded by John Hammer, motion caries.  Members John Hammer and Chris Davis offered to donate an additional $100 each to this donation.

Next meetings:

Nov. 4   Barry Finette  M.D.
Nov. 11 Club Assembly
              RYLA group
              off for Thanksgiving

Alan Bates reported on the football pool winners for the previous week: Greg Warren and Bruce Kelly tied- both out of state residents, will receive $25 each.

Happy Fines:

Please forgive me as I know I missed a few...

Mr. Sargent Evan: the sunrise
Alan Bates: for his agent Trafton who won $2,500 for he and his wife at the car raffle Chris E. : the moon set, clowns at the parade
Gary Marcotte: the moonrise
Jane McKight: winnings at the car raffle and she was not even there
Trafton: helping Alan at the car raffle
Ron Keene: his first car raffle
Chris D. : CVU boys soccer in the State finals on Sat Guest Speaker William Grover, CVU soccer teams
Howard Seaver: car raffle
Lara Keenan: a great photo on the Library FaceBook page
Terry Kennaugh: sunrise , friends visiting
Michael Clapp: visit from his brother-in law
Fritz Horton: Trafton for parking cars at the Car raffle Alan H: sunrise John D: moonrise, skipping clown (a.k.a Lara) in the Parade John H: Flood family clowns and Cat-in-the Hat, Rick & Fritz great jobs at the car raffle
George Schiavone: John D as a clown
Rick Flood: car raffle and parking
Linda Barker: the entire weekend of Rotary events
Barbara Comeau: all the clowning

John DuPee had his ticket drawn, he did not draw the Joker, $33 pot rolls over

8:02  Lara introduces the speaker, William F. Grover, St. Michaels professor of Political Science, author of a book he co-authored with Joe Peschek titled "The Unsustainable Presidency, Clinton, Bush, Obama and beyond".   He explained the balance of power between a president/executive branch and congress, and how in recent years it appears to be tilting in the favor of the executive branch but resulting in unmet expectations by voters in both parties .

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 am