Charlotte Shelburne Rotary Club meeting October 12, 2016
$5 day as William was Duck Hunting $2 went to 50/50 two tickets each
Lara Keenan filled in for Judy Christensen
Lara opened the meeting at 7 and led the Pledge of Allegiance
Kris Engstrom gave the Benediction
The members enjoyed 10 minutes of Food and camaraderie.
Meeting opened at 7:40
Ric Flood inducted two two new members
Dr. Keith Walsh and Erica Webster
They each gave a 1-2 minute review of their bios and why they wanted to join Rotary
Keith is a giants fan as his uncle was on the team. He grew up with 8 siblings. He found his way to the north country and never left. He has three children by a first marriage. Married Molly at the Shelburne Museum and now has 8 year old twins. Does bicycle tour, marathons, ski patrol, and more…
He was a Rotarian in Saranac Lake. He is looking forward to working with Hands to Honduras and being a contributing member of the club. Coincidently, he now lives in same home as Anne Pardie lived when she was President of our club.
In case you did not hear me Keith is an Audiologist.
Erica Webster is the wife Richard Fox, past President of our club and esteemed District Governor Elect for District 7850 (hope I got this right). Erica grew up in Shelburne. She went to Hobart William Smith and then returned to complete school at St Mikes. She started as a class room teacher doing 5 years at MMU but now is a special education teacher at the Shelburne Community School. Her dad, Dennis Webster, was a member of our club. She looks forward to being a productive member of our club.
Ric led the club in reciting the four way test---
  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Coming Events:
Board Meeting Tuesday 18th
Committee Meetings 19th
Frank Bryan  26th
Shelburne Veterans Committee Nov 2
VIA Architects Nov 9
Ric updated the status of the Annual Fund  Currently at $10000 but Tom Glaser’s annual push has not arrived yet.
Alan Bates updated the current football pool results
                        Denny Bowen won last week $50
                        This week was four way tie 10 Trafton Crandall and Alan’s Cousin                              split the $50 as their Monday night points matched
                        Alan also mentioned he is involved in a very rewarding program as                             Mentor at Charlotte School 1 hour a week   They need more mentors                            and he is happy to help anyone interested with contact information                            for Wendy at the school.
David Rice  reported a Parade E mail was sent  and he is passing around sign up                              sheets at the meeting. The Parade is Sunday October 30th
                        We will need a dozen people to pick up golf balls after the drop on
                        Sunday the 30th
                        There will be activities going on all day
                        Lara Keenan  that while we have been Clowns in past we  might think                                    about other costumes as there has been some recent concerns in the                                    community and scary clown activity
                        Jonathan Lowell has some soda stored from an earlier event
John Dupee  reported on the Ball drop  and the need for a pick up committee
                        To put the balls back in egg grates
                        There are still many Tickets to be sold
                        Alan suggested setting up tables outside of local businesses
Lara Keenan spoke to Rotary teaming up with the library (more to follow)?  
Alan Bates was acting Sargent at Arms “no Badge pay up”
Happy Fines
Alan Bates daughter back  Indians won
John Beal had fun in Italy
Terrell Titus no pin, no badge, Valarie
Linda Barker notoriety
Ric Flood Happy - wife trying to sell Honda
George Schivone happy
John Lowell Happy
Kris Engstrom niece married
Erica Webster Books
Richard Fox Books and wife offiic
Ros Graham No Badge welcome to club for neighbor  Son’s hike on the long trail
Barbara Comeau no badge
Trafton  Crandall daughter broncos fan
Eric K  Camel’s Hump hikes - son’s birthday party
Lara Keenan no badge
John Hammer  Boat under pine tree, hat appeared in paper
Linda Schiavone Valaerie,
Gary Marcotte - irs season
Russ 2nd - irs dead line
Denny Bowen welcome new members
John Dupee son is fine through NC flood
Tod Whitaker – Saturday is Last Farmers market
Speaker, Valarie Brosseau, pulled Linda Gilbert’s ticket -  K spades roll over
Pot is $350
George Schivone introduced our speaker Valarie Brosseau
She grew up in Milton and now lives in Shelburne. Graduated St Mikes in 2009 with honors.
She has been involved in working with the homeless for the last 7 years. She recently received a Rising Star Award from Vermont Business Magazine.
She is the Director of A New Place.
I am not who I was. I have purpose. I am brave.
I am more than homeless.
I belong. I matter. I am able.
Located at 89 North Street, Burlington, VT