The meeting was opened with words from Kris Engstrom.


Sam Feitelberg announced that there will be a Veteran's Day Memorial this Friday at 11am at the Memorial.


Carol Obuchowski announced that November is Rotary Foundation month. Money goes to Rotary International and we're hoping for a donation of $26.50 per member. That figure is Art Klump's original donation to rotary. The funds go toward international and local grants. Checks can be made out to "Rotary Foundation".


District Conference is 11/19 in Linden, VT and all are encouraged to attend.


Ric Flood presented Chris Davis with a Paul Harris +1. Congrats to Chris.



Ric Flood, election over, gotta scoot

Carol Obuchowski, speechless

Judy Christensen, thanks to Chris, election over

Alan Bates, sad dollar

Joan Lenes, daughter ran a half marathon in Florida

Jim Donovan, back at Rotary and remembering Larry Hamilton

Phil Denu, happy

Kris Engstrom, sister visiting from Michigan

Keith Walsh, sun

Howard Seaver, cataract procedures

John Hammer, Hammers moving to a new apartment

Linda Gilbert, happy for flowers

Evan Webster, Larry Hamilton

Trafton Crandall, glad to live in Vermont, and magic

Eric Hanley, work with Vets

Erik Kolomaznik, happy phone froze last night, son learning the cello

Gary Marcotte, forgetfulness, joining Shelburne Fire Department

Bob Sanders, 36 turkeys

Linda Schiavone, thank you for everyone

Debbie Hanley, happy to be here

Alan Hathaway, God Bless America

Bill Deming, good vibes at voting day

Denny Bowen, thought the Wall Street Journal was Mad Magazine this morning

Lara Keenan, happy to be in VT

Michael Clapp, Rotary get out the vote contest

Terry Kennaugh, weekend with friends.


Ticket #497 was pulled. Gary Marcotte. Rollover.


Lara Keenan spoke about upcoming library changes and general changes at the Shelburne Town Campus.


Shelburne Town Manager Joe Colangelo and Shelburne Librarian Lara Keenan point out details of the plans for the new Shelburne Pierson Library to Rotarians Alan Hathaway and Keith Walsh.
Chris Davis was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship (times 2) at today's meeting of Charlotte Shelburne Rotary.