Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
President Richard Fox led the pledge. Doris Sage gave the devotional.
Richard welcomed the visitors:
Ken Puzey  Chariman of the Board and CEO Albert & Vivian Puzey Foundation.
Ron Keene
Steve Bierenbock
Alan Bates
Upcoming events:
May 13
Club Assembly
May 14
Board Meeting
May 20, 2015
Joe Colangelo
Shelburne Town Manager
May 27, 2015
Scholarship winners
May 30
Food Drive
June 3
Mark Redmond Spectrum Youth
June 19, 2015 (not June 26 as posted on the website)
Ric Flood: Ric needs everyone to give ASAP 10 names and addresses to him in order to send out letters for our fund raising Bowl-a-thon event.
Michael Clapp: Food Drive at the Shelburne Farmers Market on May 30 and June 3 at the Hinesburg Farmers Market.  More details and sign up list at the next meeting.
Sam Feitelberg: Sam provided updates on the Shelburne Veterans memorial. New official opening date is September 13 @1pm
Sergeant at Arms: Evan Webster asked the group what they were happy about this morning.
Evan said he was happy for the bike rides he has taken this week.
HAPPY FINES: I’m happy for…
Linda Gilbert - Watching grandchildren’s Lacrosse games
Phil Denu – Happy
Gary Marcotte – Sunny Weather
Roz Graham – Happy
Doris Sage – Happy
Lara Keenan – Final estate sale this weekend
Trafton Crandall – Ron is here and A-Rod is still in pinstripes
Richard Fox – Happy to have guests here at Rotary and a nice trip to Savannah.
Michael Clapp – Admiring the sun shining through the leaves
Howard Seaver Ran into Denny at Klinger’s
Denny Bowen – Happy to be around
Sam Feitelberg– Happy
Alan – Cleared out a lot of stuff
Ric Flood- Gary please bring back my pressure washer
John Hammer – Unloaded 50 years of family treasures via 1-800-Got-Junk
Lucky Draw: $230 In the pot. John Dupey had the ticket but not the winning hand! Rollover
Guest Speaker:
Lara Keenan introduced Ken Puzey who is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Albert & Vivian Puzey Foundation. Mr. Puzey created the foundation and designed and developed the solar water boiler. He developed a manufacturing process for the solar water boiler that can be implemented without electricity. He installed a factory in Kisumu Kenya to make the solar water boilers and trained aged out orphans to manufacture them. Mr. Puzey has also volunteered for multiple medical mission trips to Haiti where he saw firsthand the need for sustainable solutions to safe drinking water. 
He has managed projects in Kenya, Burkina Faso, and Columbia.  He has run millions of dollars of international contracts and grant programs for his profit company QuantaSpec Inc. which he founded in 2004.  His clients include the Department of Defense and Homeland Security.  He develops next generation sensors for standoff detection of explosives and sensors for automating identification of pathogens in human blood.  Mr Puzey is a Bill & Melinda Gates Grand Challenges Exploration winner.  He has a M.S. in Engineering and 19 years experience as a CEO.  In the past, Mr. Puzey was an IBMer.