Posted by John Hammer on May 23, 2018

May 23, 2018 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Hineburg Rotary

Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Erik Kolomaznik opened the meeting with the Pledge. Kris Engstrom followed with the devotional.

Guests: Ms. Boston Neary, Editor of the Shelburne News

Gene Richards – Speaker with Ms. Shelby Losier


May 30 – Patrick Standen, Instructor of Philosophy, St Michael’s College

June 6 – Cyrus Schenck, Founder - RENOUN

June 13 – Service Project, Sally Wadhams, Leader

June 20 – Hands to Honduras – Tela - Linda Gilbert & Co.

June 27 – Peter Lennes, Home Town Hero


Thank You Letters - Received from The Hinesburg Food Shelf for the Pancake Breakfast with special thanks to Margo, Heather and Tod.

Jane McKnight will be absent for a while as her sister just passed away in California.

Forthcoming Projects - Sally Wadhams reviewed the forthcoming project on June 13 when the club will make 100 sandwiches. When she asked for members to solicit food donations, the speaker, Gene Richards, stepped forward and offered to pay for the food. The July Project will be held in July under the leadership of Susan Grimes.

Paul Harris Fourth Award – Phil Denu was presented his fourth Paul Harris Fellowship Award pin by President Erik and Membership Chair, Ric Flood

Car Raffle – Ric Flood reminded the club that there were 22 days until the Car Raffle. Pitched selling Tulip Tickets.

Sergeant at Arms – John Dupee - presiding.

Bob Manchester has just read the book Code Girls and very highly recommended it to the members.

Linda Gilbert was excited to have seen a bear in her daughter’s backyard in Jericho and a bobcat in her own Charlotte yard.

Joan Lennes is happy to see the lilacs blooming

Roz Graham just returned from a glorious cruise in Southern Ontario and is thrilled to have arrived in time for what she described as the “Lilac Miasma.”

Sally Wadhams enthusiastically praised Gene Richards for his wonderful work with the Burlington International Airport

Charlie Koffman gave a fine for Sam Feitelberg’s leadership and work with the forthcoming Memorial Day.

Tod Whitaker – Farmers’ Market begins next Saturday.

Linda Barker won the draw. Rollover.

Speaker. Gene Richards, Burlington Director of Aviation with his Director of Ground Transportation, Shelby Losier.

Richards, who has an outstanding record as CEO of his own company Spruce Mortgage and for his work in leadership of multiple charitable boards and organizations, was appointed Director of Aviation in 2013.   

While BTV Airport belongs to the State, he is an employee of the City of Burlington as its manager. He has a record of improving the airport profitability. Under his leadership the airport recorded its single biggest success last month (April). The garage was maxed out. There are 27% more mainline seats operating out of BTV. There is a hotel in the offing (September if the permits are approved in time). A fourth restaurant is opening soon. A new N-S taxiway is being constructed now to the tune of $10 million and the Air National Guard has a $100 million contract underway for renovations. The F-35 aircraft is due in October 2018.  It will result in keeping 1000 jobs in the region. BTV is in the process of developing a cloud-based parking program which will ease the parking process. Meanwhile, there is a beautiful garden and 1000 solar panel farm located on the roof of the garage.

Moody’s is just about to announce it second bond upgrade. Richards has instituted a “Vermont Reinforcing Vermont” advertising program wherein all advertising must promote Vermont projects.

Linda Gilbert wondered why a Rotary Ball to collect random change couldn’t be installed in the airport. Richards suggested that he would consider it if a planned proposal for a secure installation were to be submitted.

Bob Manchester would like to see Southwest Airlines here. Richards stated that 16% of our passengers were from Canada, but that our market catchment was too small. SW requires 7 trips a day to consider establishing a route from BTV.

When asked about competition from Plattsburgh, Richards welcomed the competition as it generally increases the public’s confidence in air travel.