Posted by Linda Gilbert on May 02, 2018
Notes, C-S-H Rotary Club meeting, May 2, 2018
submitted by Linda Gilbert
Welcome 7:30am:  Trafton Crandall, past President was acting standing in for President  Erik Kolomaznik
Pledge of allegiance
Kris Engstrom gave the devotional
4 Way Test
Guests:  Steve Metz, Nancy Danforth, Annette Hannah
Upcoming meetings:
5/9     Flo Meiler, Super Woman
5/15   Board meeting
5/16   Committee Mtgs (Lund Ctr Julie Richards), Green Envelop Service Project
5/23   Gene Richards, BTV Director of Aviation
5/30   Patrick Standen, Instructor of Philosophy, St. Michaels College
6/6     Peter Lenes of Jack Fairweather
6/13? Changing of the Guard (date unconfirmed)
6/20   Hands to Honduras Tela, Linda Gilbert
6/27   Service Project, Sally Wadhams, sandwich making
Trafton asked if anyone has access to password for paypal account
Rick Flood:  Annual Fund - money is coming in
          June 15 Car raffle, members are encouraged to sell the Tulip tickets $10 each for chance to win a $275 ticket; need a chair for members to bring dessert,                Cucina is catering the dinner, for donations -members need to solicit - Linda Barker has list
Green Envelope service project:  Linda G reminded that this is a secret for the 8th grade students at SCS so don't tell anyone
Annual Clean up of the Shelburne Pond (town offices)
          need a chair and Erik is trying to get a committee for this project, date to be determined
Dairy Day at Shelburne Farms, May 6 - Bill Root needs 2 more volunteers
New member induction:  Nancy Danforth (sponsored by Annette Hannah from the St. Albans Club)
Sargent at Arms, John Hammer
Happy Fines:  happy for spring; sorry to see Steve Dates leaving and club will miss him and gave him a standing ovation; May 26 - Farmers' Market opens in Shelburne; welcome to Nancy Danforth
Ticket number drawn was Sam's, rollover
Guest speaker:  Steve Metz, DVM. Exotic Tails
Steve Metz has been a veterinary practitioner for 42 years, 38 of them in Shelburne.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University in 1962 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Guelph, Ontario.  As a consequence of a lifelong fascination with the world of birds and wildlife, he has devoted much of his career to the study and care of non-traditional animal companions.  He lives in Shelburne with his wife Connie, and although retired from active practice, he continues his studies and assists other practitioners interested in this absorbing field.
Steve entertained club members with heartwarming, unique, adventuresome and very funny stories...two in particular were fun - the goldfish - he took the tumor off (at Kotos Steakhouse) and the 600 lb. Bengal tiger named Princess that had hepatitus and the priceless medical miracles he accomplished with this huge cat.  Steve's amazing story telling technique had all of us visualizing exactly what was happening.
In case you missed the meeting, his book - Exotic Tails (paperback) will entertain you.
Interesting - Steve was a member of our club years ago - maybe he will visit us again!