President elect Judy Christensen opened the meeting by leading the Pledge,  Kris Engstrom shared a prayer in reflecting on a " Stuttering start to Spring".


District Assembly : 4/2/16 in Lyndon College


No Guest this week.


April     2    Lyndon State College Training (car pool?)

April     6    Committee Meeting - Hands to Honduras

April   13    Margo Austin – Burlington HS Counselor    

April   20    Becca Lindenmeyer – Landscape design incorporating water design.

April   29-May 1   District Conference Jay Peak

Up and coming - Fritz Horton - Soaring


Conference report:

            Curling team stay over Friday night, bagpipe beginning by Steve Dates


            Richard said that if you come only one day, Saturday is best. He encouraged us

            To take this opportunity to introduce Rotary to family, bring children,

            grandchildren.  Stressed not ordinary rubber chicken banquet, discounted rooms

            and water park tickets.


Rick Flood:   Everyone is ask to turn in Names  with two weeks to go....

Allen Bates: Final Four Weekend

Even was MIA. 

Richard took his place as S O A


$137.50 in the pot



LINDA B. - Gerry's birthday  and Fire dept ladder rescue of Mother in Law

JUDY C. - Horrible feeling (Mud season) - Let it go - Happy It's spring

JOHN H. - No mud

JANE M. - Easter w/ kids

LINDA G. - Egg hunt w/ 7 Kids ( teenagers ) no Alcohol

SAM F. - Basic Training in Texas ( 1954 )

KRIS E. - Occasionally being pulled out of the mud

STEVE D. - Thanks to Lara

GEORGE S. - Thanks to Gary

RICHARD F. - CVUHS trailer classrooms  and 6" of mud

ROS G. - To Kris's Studdering start to spring

Sam F. classification :  My apologies to Sam for any errors.  For all those in attendance Sam's life's story was very interesting.

Descended  from Lithuania in the 1880's, and the Textile industry.

His parents were married in 1920.  His father was a doctor, after graduating from Cornell University ( 1915-17 ).  His Mom was only 13 when his dad was in college.  Sam would use his script pad to write notes to get out of school (not the most honest Boy scout).

Sam attended Cornell University.

Sam met Gail at his first job, when he asked her for directions.  ( apparently she is still telling him where to go )

Sam married Gail 8 months later, August 12, 1954 ( she was 19)

Sam was discharged from the service in 1956

Many years working at Walter Reed Hospital as a Military occupational therapist.

Working with children and vets.  Learning many stories from vets reliving the war. With daily losses of solders lives.

Sam took a job at UVM in 1970 and successfully graduated 1100 students.

After retiring he met Colleen and Linda and became involved in Hands to Honduras, then joined Rotary.

Sam then worked with Clarkson University.

Sam had dinner with Hillary Clinton, subsequently received a grant.

Sam and Gail are proud of their children and their successful careers.


We all in Rotary should be very thankful to have Sam with us.