Charlotte Shelburne Rotary
The meeting was called to order by incoming  President  Trafton Crandall
He led the membership in the pledge. Kris Engstrom read a poem and gave the devotion for the day.
Guests included the guest speaker Bea Grause and her assistant   Annie Mackin ; Megan Hanley with
 both  parents present also.
Upcoming meetings:
July 8 Alex Bornstein
July 15 Cyrus Patton
July 22   Club Assembly
Russ Blodgett was presented with a Paul Harris Award.
Barb Comeau was inducted as a new member. Lara Keenan is her proud sponsor.
Mike Clapp reported that he and two  other members had attended the formation meeting of the Shelburne Food Shelf. He described the state of the organization as “highly disorganized”.  With $30,000 in their  account , he feels that it is high time to bring it under a 501C3. He is looking for a Rotarian to serve on the new Board of Directors for the Food Shelf. Next week’s speaker is the Vermont advisor to the Food Shelves. …
Judy Christensen gave a recap of the latest RYLA weekend at Lyndon State. This is the first time that the event has been run by the youth who have been preparing to lead the weekend for three years. Megan Hanley represented the counselors and reported from their perspective that it was a very successful experience.  The shirt colors (bright lime green and vivid yellow ) chosen by the kids exemplified the spirit of brightness that seemed to attach to this years conference.
Sam  Feitelberg  reported that the monument is almost finished. It is visible and a presence in the town already. Many of the bricks are in place, and those of you  who have  purchased bricks can find them in the display at the monument right now. Sunday September 13 is the dedication date.
Bob Heinz of Charlotte is once more seeking help to remove frogbit from the waters of Lake Champlain and it’s tributaries. More information later.
Fire Chief Chris Davis invited all members to the Charlotte Fire Department BBQ on July 11 at the Fire House on Charlotte Hot dogs and hamburger grilling all day.
Corporal Richard Fox extracted happy fines with his old expertise:
His birthday, and Trafton taking on the presidential crown
Russ thanked Richard for his year, good luck Trafton
Denny- fireworks and his floating boat
George -Linda’s birthday
Lara -with her brother
Eric -Judy and RYLA
Gary –vacation
Trafton- new member Barb and chickens are laying down a challenge  $$$ for the pot from egg sales!!
Roz-Ontario trip with her sister  Happy Canada Day!
Chris- scoot and his brother and sister are coming
John Hammer- has his “wreck” back
Linda-thanks to Richard and Trafton
Linda Barker- Changing of the Guard and Western visit to see the kids
Deb- Thanks for Megan’s opportunity to be part of RYLA
Judy- thanks for the support of the parents and for Megan
Sam- Family and help with life
Fritz-came last Wednesday; wants the name of Howard’s Dr. to excuse him from helping with the grandkids
Mike- grandkids hug
The pot is over $300 and the back table pool got drawn but no joker yet.
Guest speaker, Bea Grause, R.N , J.D.  President and CEO of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Bea’s  company   is focused on helping Vermont hospitals lead system- wide changes to health care. Bea explained that in order to survive in the current climate of health care demands, a health care facility  must  change   it’s   fundamental structure. It must become more able to support the full needs of the patients through a broader base of services that are not reactive, but proactive and offer different options than just an Emergency room visit.  Funding for the present approach cannot be sustained. The needs of patients can be met more effectively by support staff that are more completely arranged to prevent, reinforce and extend past the hospital or clinic into the neighborhood or home of the patient, providing  more  personal and comprehensive care options.  She stressed that there are many solutions that can be addressed at the local level and that there are also national improvements that can shorten the gap in federal health care benefits.  She stressed that Vermont’s population is aging rapidly and that it is a matter of concern to all Vermonters. Her company looks for volume to  value  ratios that are currently driving the health care model.  The program that she is working is 6 months into it’s 2year  revamping  of Vermont’s systems analysis  that is focused on an end goal of January 1,  2017 to be under the new system of structuring
The overall goal is for more prevention and less intervention for all patients and a sustainable hospital environment where access to health care is better and more affordable and where health care providers  are  still able to receive a competitive living. With 2 major academic institutions in the immediate area, it should be  easier to keep good doctors in our state.