Charlotte Shelburne Rotary
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
President Judy Christensen called the meeting to order and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Chris Davis volunteered to be Sergeant at Arms and Rosalyn Graham volunteered to be the recorder.
Upcoming meetings:
1/11 – Shelburne/Charlotte Scout Recognition program
1/17 – Board Meeting
1/18 – Club Meeting
1/25 – Bob and Becky’s Amazing New Farm
2/1 – UVM Economics Professor Art Woolf
2/8 – Rotary Speech Competition
2/15 – Committee Meetings
2/22 – Eileen Whalen, President and Chief Operating Officer, UVM Medical Center
Judy announced that Alan Bates has volunteered to be the President In Waiting. Judy read a Thank You note from the JEIO thanking us for a donation – they are the ones who lent us the numbered golf balls for the Golf Ball Drop. Congratulations to the team who made the Golf Ball Drop a success and also to those who worked so hard to make the Get Out The Vote Poster Contest a success.
There was also a letter of appreciation from Linda Gilbert on behalf of the Hands to Honduras Tela committee thanking Charlotte Shelburne Rotary for their “wonderful variety of donations.” The donations which were presented to H2HT at the CSR Club’s Holiday party (and service project) included school supplies, reader glasses, hats, toiletries and so much more. “Such an amazing club,” Linda said.
Lara Keenan reported that the Library Tribute Forum videos have been posted on the Pierson Library Facebook page. Many heartfelt tributes.
Football Pool
Alan Bates reported on the final scores and prizes for the Football Pool, now that the season is over. The contest raised $1,700 for Charlotte Shelburne Rotary. Jon Lowell and Buzz Beckwith were the winners.
Sergeant at Arms
Chris Davis found lots of people who were happy for the celebrations, good friends and good food of the holiday season. Also Happy Fines from:
Terry Kennaugh – will be away for the next three months RVing
Michael Clapp -- has sold his house – with appreciation to his wife and to Richard Fox for their work on perfecting the deed.
Denny Bowen – received a book of poetry called Garden Time – highly recommended.
Erik Kolomaznik -- the best part of Christmas is opening presents with a six-year-old
Marsette Oekert – escaping serious damage to her toe
Sam Feitelberg – good luck to Washington in the new year.
Keith Walsh – happy to have been able to donate a hearing aid to H2H Tela.
John Hammer – skiing at Stowe – with no crowds.
Alan Bates – happy football is over.
Richard Fox – happy to have moved his office back to Shelburne.
Judy Christensen – welcome to Richard Fox and Adam Bartsch offices on Falls Road.
Lucky draw – Judy Christensen’s ticket was drawn, but she chose the wrong card and the pot continues to grow.
Guest speaker Jason Levinthal of JSKIS
Jason shared the story of the amazing development of his ski design, manufacturing and marketing business, beginning with making a new concept of ski, based on the “fun” approach of the newly popular snow board in the 1990s, just as he graduated from University of Buffalo. His concept was a big change from the long stiff skis designed for the greatest speed downhill, and focused on a ski that was more maneuverable and better for turns and tricks. He and his friends manufactured the new skis in his family’s garage, achieved some success with sales to a distributor in Japan, found more success after Salomon Skis and other large companies began to give credibility to the concept, and after national ski magazines wrote about the new ski boards as they were sometimes called.
Jason moved to Burlington, worked cooperatively with Karhu, and manufacturing the skis in Canada. Recognizing that it took a big structure to market internationally, he sold to K2 Sports, then worked from home for a company in Seattle designing products.
In 2012 he returned to his independent business model, started a new ski company called JSKIS to sell Line Skis. His very successful business model (he sells 2000 pairs a year) for Line Skis is to operate from the tech business approach, without the middleman, promoting and selling via his website, not selling in stores, having the skis handmade in Canada and shipped worldwide. “We’re making skiing fun and easy,” he says.
William and Kris at Holiday Party in December
Gifts for Hands to Honduras Tela  Linda is very pleased