Posted by Jane Osborne McKnight
Rotary Club of Charlotte-Shelburne-Hinesburg
Meeting of January 24, 2018
Notetaker: Jane Osborne McKnight
Summary of Announcements and New Business
Guest, Carol Geske made an announcement regarding the film, “Resilience,” which will be shown at the Hinesburg public library on January 28, 2018, at 1:00 P.M.  The film concerns the effects of stress on children and their health.
Upcoming speakers include Dan Feliciano, who will discuss his overseas work experience.
Member Heather Lynch will give a classification talk.
Erik Cofiell will discuss his position as Sports Director at Local 22 and Local 44 television.
President Pro Tem Judy Christensen asked for volunteers to assist Bill Root in parking at Shelburne Farms Winterfest on February 3rd.  The following members signed up: Gary Marcotte, Keith Walsh, Jon Lowell and Chris Davis.
A volunteer was sought to coordinate a Valentine’s Day event.
Members were reminded to pay $70 each to cover the administrative costs of using the meeting room at Trinity Episcopal Church.  This is a new policy, designed to have all members shoulder the costs of room rental (and not just those who attend meetings.
Happy Dollar Highlights
Carole O. was happy Eric was present to speak.
Jim Donovan was happy to attend meetings three times in a row.  He is off to Florida soon.
Chris Davis is happy that John Hammer is recovering from a broken pelvis.  John was injured while skiing. 
Barb Comeau was happy that her daughter was celebrating her 11th birthday.
Roz was happy to see Eric, happy that John is recovering, happy she doesn’t ski.
Bill Deming was “just happy.”
Sam was happy that all these injuries have raised the importance of physical therapy.
Judy C. was happy for John Hammer and for the Patriots.
Ric Flood is happy that his daughter’s scans show she is cancer free.  She is also bringing Mr. Right home to meet her parents.
Kris E. is happy that Phil Denu has been her Uber Man, allowing her to attend meetings.
Jane M. is happy for the Patriots’ win and for Tom Brady and Danny Amendola.
Speaker Description and Summary
Our speaker was fellow Rotarian and Burlington financial adviser, Eric Hanson. Eric is the past and upcoming President of the Burlington Sunrise Rotary.  Eric is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and has been a professional money manager since 1971. He has served on a number of non-profit boards, including: Wake Robin, Chittenden County Humane Society, the Vermont Chinese School, and the Vermont Symphony. Eric provided a fascinating lecture on the topic of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was invented by a mysterious Japanese gentleman, Satoshi Nakamoto, in 2009. This virtual currency appeals to Libertarians, hard currency advocates, and speculators. We learned why Bitcoin probably will not serve as an alternative currency, but why it is attractive to banks and international shipping firms. We also learned some fun facts about the American dollar.