February 13, 2016 Meeting minutes
George: Announcement Shelburne Fire Department 75th anniversary this summer and is interested in Rotary participating it w/ food.
Alan:  Superbowl grid $10 squares available.
Dave and Fran: Involved with Hands to Honduras and $4000 check was presented to Linda.  This will be used for school renovations.
Sargent at Arms:
Evan:  $49 was the pool and we talked about the snow.
John – not enough snow
Phil – snow on Thursday
Judith - Visiting Boston
Skiing at Sugarbush
Sam – snow
Cake making
Dave – lake effect snow vs. 2 inches
Trafton – snow and Dave/Fran
Gary –
Ron – snow
Barb – snow
Howard – snow
Terry – snow
Bob – just right amount of snow
Denny –
Lara – love the snow
Kudos for burl club
Linda – gift from Burling Club
Alan – MRG opening
Dave – pulled 329 winning ticket…10 of hearts…rolled over the pot.
Presentation on Hands to Honduras
Linda gave update on her trip leaving 2 weeks from today.  38 volunteers scheduled to show up for this trip. The Maternal Health project is just about complete. There is one more space to be done for waiting mothers and some small changes to prevent birds and some landscaping.  Just about all the Neo-natal equipment has been purchased and they are waiting on oxygen hood chambers. Over $2000 spent on equipment. One of the projects in the works is that they are trying coordinate an exchange with some nurses and doctors between Burlington and Honduras.  They will be bringing down 400 hand knit baby hats.  They plan on a free dental clinic for 5 days.  Women’s health and dental health brigade will also be going into rural areas for 3 days to maximize the number of patients.  Fluoride clinics in 5 different schools will reach 700 children.  Two Physical Therapist will be going down as well.  Linda’s daughter and 4 grandchildren will be going this year.  Honduran mason is building stove. 65 kids in high school and are in need of desks and Linda is looking to write a grant for this.  They currently use a saw horses and wood planks. They are also looking to build shelving for one of the classrooms.  They plan to continue to sponsor uniforms and backpacks as well as scholarships for high school students.  Final meeting on Sunday night for volunteers to review rules and regulations.    We look to have volunteers carry down supplies in second suitcase.    Part of the fun they will down there includes a Superbowl party and welcome dinner.  They are continuing to look for additional supplies – reader glasses, suitcases with rollers,etc.
 Talked about new fundraising ideas.
Shelburne Bay Ice Out Pool
Touch a truck
Lobster Dinner
Suggestion were made to reconsider the car raffle.  Talked about golf ball drop and combining the Halloween parade.