Posted by George Schiavone - December 9, 2015 Meeting

President Trafton Crandall led the Pledge of Allegiance and Kris Engstrom gave an inspirational invocation.
President Crandall read a letter of appreciation from Terrell Titus thanking the members for their support.
Visiting Tupper Lake member Bent Ohlman was welcomed.

12/16           Club Holiday Party
12/17   Board Meeting (7:30 AM)
12/23   No Meeting
12/30   Kelsey Jonat - Sun Common

Football Pool - Alan Bates reported top winner of Round 13 was Alan Hathaway

Todd Whitaker - Food Bank and turkeys for towns on schedule
Sam Feitelberg - Tela Physical Therapy Center successful fund raising.
                            Veterans Memorial Christmas bricks are selling well.
Chris Davis - Safe arms education at Charlotte Fire Station
John Dupee joke -  Open door, elevator floor - use elbow

Sergeant of Arms Evan Webster suggested happy fines re snow (24) vs no snow (12)
Todd Whitaker - SBPA mixer at Christmas Loft
Mike Clapp - happy where he lives with his wife and friends
Bill Root, great BD party with uncle in Barre
Laura Keenan - snow needed for Christmas Spirit
Richard Fox - Sturbridge visit mob scene
Joan Lenes - Food Shelf, good work by Todd et al
Terry Kennaugh - sociability with good friends
John Hammer - expects 2 ft of snow on his 12/23 move date
Rosalyn Graham - would like rain
Traction Crandall - snow tires on, mountains look good
Kids Engstrom - mild weather allowed sign relocation
Bengt Ohlman - happy with snow or not
John Lowell - tires, skis, snowblower ready to go
Linda Gilbert - Quebec City visit with daughters and granddaughter
Linda Barker - California visit to babies brought rain
Ric Flood - cancer free daughter arriving
Sam Feitelberg - snow equals politics
Jane McKnight - likes Christmas lights vs darkness
Steve Dates - keep the snow in the mountains

Lucky Draw - Bengt Ohlman, oops sorry, roll over

Group split up for committee meetings - voted fundraiser survey preferences, input to Trafton.

Adjourned 8:30 AM