Posted by John Hammer on Dec 05, 2018

December 5th, 2018 Newsletter

By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary

Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 7:15 a.m.

Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room

Welcome President Erik Kolomaznik opened the meeting with the Pledge. John Hammer followed with the devotional.

Guests: Ms. Carol Geske of Charlotte


December 12th – COW – Color our world

December 18th – Board Meeting

December 19th – Lt. Mikel Arcovitch, Public Officer at the Vermont National Guard

December 25th – No Meeting – Christmas holiday


Rotary Foundation - Carole Obuchowski spoke about the Rotary Foundation and reminded all that we have until the end of the year to build the Club’s Foundation account. This account counts towards the President’s Award at year-end. The Club will match each member’s donation equally up until a total of $1,000 has been reached. Donations can be made on line at the Rotary Foundation’s website or give a check to Carol. If members pay online, they are asked to tell Carol before the end of the year so she can add the matching funds. She suggested a minimum of $26.50, which represents the start-up amount for the Foundation’s start-up assets in 1917.

Santa Visit to Charlotte Fire Station – Chris Davis announced that Santa will arrive by Fire Truck at the Charlotte Firehouse at 1-3pm next Sunday.

Opioid Project – President Erik mentioned that he had been working with presidents of other clubs on forming a District Opioid Task Force.

Sergeant at Arms – Chris Davis - presiding.

Tod Whitaker -There were numerous fines for this morning’s sunrise which was by all accounts spectacular.

Terrill Titus -Thankful that Tod had done such a good job hanging the banners. She remembered Rod Dolliver of Charlotte who recently died. He had worked closely with her in numerous house sales.

Carol Obuchowski – Birthday – The Club sang Happy Birthday after which there were loud protestations that this Club is justifiably not a singing club. -- On a more tragic note, she reported that she had recently attended two funerals associated with opioid-related deaths and emphasized that it brought home to her the scope of the opioid epidemic.

Sam Feitelberg – Was, as usual, happy to be here.

Ric Flood – Guaranteed that the stock market would not go down today (It had fallen 800 points the day before and was closed today for George H.W. Bush’s funeral).

Heather Lynch – Can’t wait for Santa

President Erik – Happy to have an Elf on the Shelf program underway in his family.

Jon Lowell - Recently attended a JUMP (Joint Urban Ministry Program) birthday and he praised it for doing such a wonderful job for the poor in Burlington.

Chris Davis – Memorialized Rod Dolliver which led to a general series of remembrances of his participation in so many local home sales and mortgages.

Richard Fox – Looking forward to Christmas by Candlelight and Hanukkah.

George Schiavone – Remembered Rod Dolliver

Howard Seaver – Just back from a wonderful visit to daughter in Southwest Colorado.

Adam Bartsch – Just happy.

Roz Graham - Sunrise

Joan Lenes – Just back from a visit with son in Kitzbühl, Austria. Just had a birthday and she remembered President G. H.W. Bush fondly

Keith Walsh - Happy he was able to get here.

Diane Vachon – Thankful for such a wonderful Shelburne Tree Lighting celebration.

50-50 Raffle - The Old Farts Table won the card draw. Rollover. $201.

Club Meeting - This week’s session was a Club Meeting at which Committees gathered to do business.