Posted by Rosalyn Graham on Dec 12, 2018
Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary
Wednesday, December 12, 2018, 7:30 a.m.
Trinity Church Community Room
The meeting began with a delicious breakfast, a happy moment we too often take for granted, and for which we should always thank France Leblanc, our amazing breakfast chef.
President Erik Kolomaznik led the Pledge and Susan Grimes gave the devotional.
President Erik opened the business meeting with the 4-Way Test, a reminder for Rotarians and visitors of the mission and purpose of Rotary.
Up-coming meetings:
Dec. 19
Lt. Mikel Arcovitch
Vermont National Guard
Public Affairs Official
Dec. 26
No meeting – Christmas
Jan. 2
Bring contributions for
Hands to Honduras project
-- hear about plans for H2H 2019
From Linda Gilbert
Rotary Foundation Update:
Carole Obuchowski reminded everyone of the importance of a end-of-year donation to the work of the Rotary Foundation … and the ways those donations from our club also benefit our club.
Carole brought chocolate chip cookies to share, the ‘bribe’ phase of her annual appeal. Next week will be the ‘guilt’ phase.
Committee meetings:
Club committees met following the Dec. 5 meeting and Erik reported valuable work was accomplished. Very productive, he said.
Community Service Project:
Linda reminded everyone that she has requested donations of items from a very specific list of needs for the Honduras project in February. She will make a presentation at the Jan. 2 meeting on the work plan for 2019. Everyone is asked to sign up to bring a requested item from her list of needs – with the focus on small, easily portable items like reading glasses and tooth brushes.
The Christmas hams project, being coordinated by Bill Root is on track to have hams for the food shelf participants in Shelburne, Charlotte and Hinesburg, a similar program to the Thanksgiving Turkey distribution that donated 75 turkeys to Hinesburg, 43 to Shelburne and 23 to Charlotte.
Administration Committee report:
Bob Sanders announced a social get-together planned for Thursday, Dec. 20 from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Shelburne Tap House. This will be an informal fun event and everyone is encouraged to attend, and to invite friends who are interested in learning about Rotary.
Sergeant at Arms
John Dupee, as Sergeant At Arms, collected Happy Fines:
Many Rotarians spoke in memory of our late member Alan Bates, a valued and energetic Rotarian.
Ric Flood – Alan and a scoot fine
Terrell Titus – Alan
Bob Sanders – his daughter in Ottawa and her new job
Sam Feitelberg  – Alan
Eric Denu (District Governor) – happy to be visiting – congratulations to Richard Fox, District Governor-elect, for his presence at the San Diego conference
Linda Gilbert – her visit to Florida – the fun of decorating lifeguard stands for the holidays
Richard Fox – welcome to Eric, in memory of Alan, appreciation of Joe Biden’s visit
Phil Denu – happy
John Hammer – skiing
Jon Lowell – White House upheaval
Barb Comeau  -- eight days skiing
Bill Deming – happy
Terry Kennaugh – visit to friends in Massachusetts
Alan Hathaway – beautiful scenery (based on choosing to skip his usual seat to join a table of “girls” including his wife, Betsy)
Susan Grimes – back from Virginia
Joan Lenes – just because
Erik Kolomaznik – the amazing way the community rallied to help a friend of his who is in hospital
Tod Whitaker – happy for the holiday season
Diana Vachon – happy
Fritz Horton – glad to be here
Lucky draw:
Bob Sanders’ ticket was pulled but he chose the wrong card and the $212 pot rolls over.
Guest Speaker:
Polly Garcia, founder of Color Our World, and proud of its acronym COW, was joined by two local active volunteers for the Color Our World project, Sue Wiles and Betsy Hathaway, aka COW Girls!  
Polly comes from Colorado where she was active in supporting an open air community church that served many homeless people including many families. As a way to create a sense of calm in the group, especially the children, she had the idea of handing out art supplies and encouraging participants to “draw what’s in your heart.”
Based on that learning experience, and recognizing that art helps with trauma, whether that is a trauma that happened yesterday or is a fear of what might happen next, she continued to campaign to collect art supplies and create kits to be given to children.
Polly moved to Vermont five years ago and is continuing the Color Our World campaign. Materials which cost $3.50 for one kit, are chosen carefully to be safe and non-toxic, and they are packed in plastic packs, small enough to be easily transported , packed in suitcases, also decorated by kids, to go around the world.
Polly encouraged CSH Rotary to consider adopting a Sponsor a Suitcase project, which could involve volunteering to pack the kits, in light of a growing need in Vermont where the Vermont Agency for Children and Families reports a 30% increase in the number of children who are out of their own homes, largely due to the opioid crisis.
Reported by Rosalyn Graham