Posted by Susan Grimes

WELCOME 7:30 am



Recording today: Susan A Grimes

Guests: Kevin and Laura Toohey, Sandy Combs, Ginny Jascot, Dave Johnson and Phil Murdoch from Essex Rotary



. 8/15. Board meeting

. 8/16. Committee meetings

. 8/23. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

. 8/30. Ian Boyd, CCV Coordinator Academic Services

. 9/6.   Bob George, Mgt Team

. 9/13. Alan Miller, STDs-based learning/coaching, CVU school district

. 9/20. Club meeting

. 9/27. Frank Cioffi, Pres. GBIC ( Greater Burlington Industrial Corp.)



Linda Gilbert: Charlotte Beach project- would like to meet with other members to review design and what can the club do.


Bob Sanders and John Dubie: Golf ball drop. Turn in tickets next week 8/16. Tickets will be sold at farmers market 8/19 till 1:00 pm.  Need to sell about 1,000 tickets and so far over 400 have been sold.



Linda Gilbert handed out sheet noting items to be donated for SHELBURNE day for Rotary food booth.

Ric Flood: on 8/20 at 5 pm Vermont Lake Monsters District CODE: ROTARY TO BUY TICKETS. Gates open at 4 pm. Proceeds go to District to support several nonprofits.

9/24: Middlebury College sponsored by Middlebury Rotary is their 1st Annual Fall Festival 2-6 pm

10/29: 2 pm HALLOWEEN PARADE. We need a float. Promoting local businesses in parade. Advertising helps promote them and bring potential donations.

ESSEX ROTARY CLUB: Dave Johnson and Phil Murdoch presented golf trophy to John Lowell and Will Wisell for June tournament and being the runner ups! The tournament netted $27 K . They also host the All- star hockey tournament in March and the corn booth at Champlain Valley Fair in August.



Kris- trip to Michigan

John- saw two shows at the Flynn Space

Linda- Dragonboat races

Steve- Happy Wednesday

Phil- Happy Wednesday

Susan- Spectacular full moon

Erik- Happy for the engagement of our members

Gary- had the winning ticket but drew the Jack of spades

John- happy to pay for Richard not to sing Rotary song

Ric- Happy to have Essex Rotary presenting trophy

Sam- great summer for the Vets

Heather- hiking last weekend

Tod- past Saturday was sunny for farmers market

Dave- happy

Bill- happy for John running ball drop

Mike- weather

John- back from Australia

Charlie- grandkids

Sally- Eric doing a great job

Irene- just happy

Rob- concert at Farm Barn

Ginny- thanks for welcoming her last meeting for this summer


PROGRAM: Dan Cox, President of Coffee Enterprises

    33 years of experience and Dan was the first paid employee of Green Mt Coffee. Was Vice President and partner

    Someone asked about Juan Valdez and Dan said he is actually Juan Valdez III and saw him in April. His real name is Carlos Sanchez and lives in Columbia.

    Dan said Rotary had a big influence in his life. His father in law was a Rotarian. Grew up in Buffalo. Went to Norwich University. Played racquetball. Was an a lieutenant in the US Army. In summer of 1972 he was a recruiter for Norwich and played a lot of racquetball in his free time. He started with Green Mt Coffee roasters then and did sales full time. He has been President of four different Coffee organizations. 

Ben Cohen asked Dan to help him bring coffee beans from Mexico in order to extract for ice cream. Coffee tasting was something no one was doing and Dan started the business on 286 College St. He has since moved to the NRG building in Hinesburg. Dr Folk , Dans second father, asked to go to Mexico with him and he noticed no one was screening women for cervical cancer in Mexico. Dr Valenzuela Gynetek in CA donated thru Rotary and the Rotary in Buffalo the necessary equipment to set up a clinic to screen women for cervical cancer. To date they have screened over 80,000 women in many different countries.

Coffee tasting: you need training! Dan has 10 employees. They focus on Memory: repetition  Speak the language: "Coffee lingo" adjectives such as grassy, rubbery and wood. 

Scoring: there is a National scoring system and a Proprietary system 


Cupping room and the Zen of tasting: Six graders. They have 30 seconds per five cups and they test coffee in different categories. Physical testing, Chemical testing and Tasting the coffee and describing it.

They use flavor capsules to train people in tasting. 39 capsules of all different flavors. 

GROUNDS FOR HEALTH: started in 1996 is the organization providing screening for women. Three major countries they go to are Mexico, Ethiopia and Kenya. 

Eric presented Dan with a book THE WORLD ATLAS OF COFFEE to go to the Pierson Library.