Posted by Rosalyn Graham on Aug 22, 2018
Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary
Wednesday, August 22, 2018, 7:30 a.m.
Trinity Community Room, Shelburne.
President Erik Kolomaznik called the meeting to order and led the Pledge. Ric Flood gave the devotional (including a plug for good weather for golfing in the afternoon!)
Guests were introduced including two of the RYLA representatives and their parents, and visiting Rotarian Genny Jascot from Barboursville, West Virginia.
Susan Grimes presented plaques to two of the RYLA students who represented CSH  Rotary this year, describing them as great representatives of the hopes for our future. Jessica Ke from Shelburne said the RYLA weekend had been great fun and described the challenge of one of the team-building games they played.  Sam Zinner said it had been one of the best experiences of his summer, a great opportunity to meet people. “It wasn’t a popularity contest,” he said. “Everyone fitted in. It was a chance to make connections.” The two other award winners were Grace Buzzell of Hinesburg and Wiley Simard of Charlotte.
The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Conference (required to earn the award) was at Northern Vermont University in Lyndon from June 22 through 24.
Project Reports:
Charlotte Beach – Waiting for next steps plans from the Charlotte Rec Committee.
Light the Night – Charlie Kofman reminded everyone that we should have a CSH Rotary team to walk on Sept. 28 from Edmunds School to downtown with candles. A fundraiser for Lymphoma and Leukemia.
Charlotte Barbecue – thanks to everyone who helped make the big event a success.
Halloween Parade – Richard Fox reminded everyone to review their roles in this big event and get ready for the 46th annual parade on Oct. 28. Ric Flood has asked Kwiniaska’s new owners for the six golf carts we borrow each year to help marshall the parade.
Golf Ball Drop – Bob Sanders and John Dupee circulated the results of the Golf Ball Drop held on Saturday afternoon and thanked everyone for their participation and support.
Fundraising results as of 8/18/2018:
  • Tickets sold        1,075
  • Tickets spoiled          1
  • Tickets not sold     124
  • Tickets planned   1,200
  • Sales receipts         $10,761
  • less Prizes             -$  5,000
  • less Expense         -$    290
  • Net revenue            $  5,471
Sergeant at Arms
Chris Davis officiated.
Charlie Kofman – golf ball drop
Terry Kennaugh – hosting a Council of World Affairs visitor from Moldova
Carole Obuchowski – visiting grandchildren
Bob Sanders – happy the Golf Ball Drop was a success and is over … and enjoying visitors from Ottawa
Linda Barker – Shelburne Day success … and the food booth sold out.
Sam Feitleberg – 64th wedding anniversary.
Diane Vachon – happy to be part of the group … celebrating 25th anniversary.
John Hammer – Great Shelburne Day and happy to be here.
Howard Seaver – Happy.
Susan Grimes – Happy for Jessica and Sam.
Phil Denu – Missed the storm.
Jessica Brumsted – RYLA students … Shelburne’s 30%+ turnout for voting.
Keith Walsh – met his grandson.
George Schiavone – RYLA
Trafton Crandall – the Golf Ball Drop … participating in the Diamond Regatta.
Richard Fox – Golf Ball Drop went smoothly.
Margo Casco – Shelburne Day fun … notoriety fine.
Erik Kolomaznik – having his picture taken with a visiting politician at Shelburne Day … his son sold 45 balls for the Golf Ball Drop.
Judy Christensen – Bob and John and the fun of watching the ladder truck as part of the ball drop … happy to be involved in RYLA.
John  Dupee – Celebrating 53rd anniversary.
Ric Flood – Hope the Lord hears my prayer.
Lucky draw
Joan Lenes’ ticket was drawn, but she chose the wrong card and failed to win the $24.50 jackpot!!
Project du Jour
All 1500 numbered golf balls in our collection had been restored to their correct places in the hundred-plus egg cartons before the meeting was adjourned. Ready for next year!!
Recorded by Rosalyn Graham