Posted by Rosalyn Graham on Aug 15, 2018
Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotary
Wednesday, Aug. 15, 2018
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room
7:30 a.m.
John Hammer officiated for the Pledge of Allegiance and introduced Ric Flood who gave the devotional. Then President Erik Kolomaznik arrived and handled the presidential duties for the rest of the hour.
Visitors were introduced including Jim Donovan’s granddaughter Orla, visiting from Buffalo.
Programs for coming weeks were announced:
Aug 22, 2018
RYLA Award Presentations - Golf Ball Drop Sort
Aug 29, 2018
Old Rotarians Never Die
Sep 05, 2018
Summer Fun in the North End
Sep 12, 2018
Real Estate Guru
Sep 18, 2018
Sep 19, 2018
Sep 26, 2018
Shelburne Police Chief
Community Service Projects:
Golf Ball Drop on Saturday, Aug. 18 following the Shelburne Day at Shelburne Parade ground. Bob Sanders and John Dupee who have been organizing this fund raising project urged everyone to sell their tickets and get the cash and stubs into to Bob by noon on Friday. Tickets will be sold until noon on Saturday. The committee needs more volunteers at the tent on Saturday from 9 to 2.
They reminded everyone that each Rotarian is responsible for the two books of tickets they were assigned – sell them or buy them yourself!!
This prompted a request for an update on Club budget and members’ responsibilities. Judy Christiansen suggested the need for an annual budget report and discussion of responsibilities. Trafton Crandall will bring that report to the Sept. 19 Club Business meeting.
Volunteers are also needed for the grilling tent at Shelburne Day.
Linda Gilbert gave an update on the Charlotte Beach Shelter project. Volunteers have included John Hammer, Fritz Horton and Bill Root. The sides of the shelter are not up, and volunteers said it was great fun. The roof is next and they expect it will be completed in time for next season.
It was suggested that CSH Rotary should have a sign on site explaining their role in the project.
Charlie Kofman reminded Rotarians of the Light Up the Night March for Lymphoma and Leukemia.
John Hammer circulated a sign-up sheet asking for more volunteers to help with the Community Barbecue on Friday, Aug. 17.
Sargent at Arms
Chris Davis collected Happy Fines – announcing that the pot is currently $12 after last week’s winner.
Linda Barker – thanks for support of club in the recent loss of her sister
Bill Deming – Happy
John Dupee – Happy when the GBD is successfully completed
Bob Sanders – Happy to see it break even
Gary Marcotte – Always happy
Terry Kennaugh – His son helped him with a house painting project
Terrell Titus – Magic of club support … and Healing Winds event
Sam Feitelberg – 64th anniversary
Ric Flood – Summer
Judy Christensen – her friend Ginny visiting
Phil Denu – Unhappy
Margo Casco -- owns 3 dogs – looking forward to speaker
George Schiavone – Happy we broke even
Jon Lowell – A new double oven installed thanks to Gary Marcotte
Linda Gilbert – family guests
Trafton Crandall – visiting grand kids – saw 27 shooting stars
Richard Fox – 10 days in Maine including seeing whales and visiting an excellent pancake breakfast with a local Rotary Club
John Hammer – Happy to sit next to Orla for breakfast – very impressed by her talent making an origami bird from a dollar bill
Chris Davis – his son’s participation in the Travis Roy Tournament on the weekend – a record fund raiser
Susan Grimes -- Happy to see the rain
Erik Kolomaznik – recommended that Rotarians schedule coffee and chat opportunities with fellow Rotarians as he said his visit with Charlie Kofman had been great. Erik also reminded Rotarians of the Opiod Crisis Project coming
John Lowell held the lucky ticket, but didn’t choose the right card to win the $12 pot. So disappointing.
Guest Speaker:
Deb Frolich of Gold Star Dog Training presented a fact-filled educational training for the club on understanding the language of dogs – body language, that is! And her German Shepherd Cora came to the meeting as a great example of a very well-behaved dog.
Deb’s talk, “Woof, What’s Your Dog Saying?” was illustrated with many photos and videos of dogs demonstrating many expressions of their “message” whether that is the way the dog holds its tail, whether that is erect and tense or low and wagging, exhibits a tense or relaxed posture, has its mouth relaxed and open, is showing “whale eyes” or staring, making itself look imposingly big, or trying to look small and inconspicuous. “You should check individual body parts and then the whole body, as well as the context or environment,” she said.
Understanding the messages dogs are sending is important for the safety of people, especially children. Deb stressed that it is important to teach children to interpret dog behavior and to be gentle and respectful with dogs they meet.  She suggested referring to her webpage for readings on dog training and being safe around dogs, at
Recorded by Rosalyn Graham, Photo by Rosalyn Graham (George Schiavone with speaker Deb Frolich and her German Shepherd Cora)