Kris led us in prayer


Our guest today :  Six wonderful young kids taking part in Destination Imagination.


Kris E. - Invited  Susan Grimes to join us today


Denny B.- Brought his Grand daughter Jane


Barbara C. - Brought her daughter Sophie


Up coming speakers and events:


April   13    Margo Austin – Burlington HS Counselor    

April   20    Becca Lindenmeyer – Landscape design incorporating water design.

April   29-May 1   District Conference Jay Peak

Up and coming - Fritz Horton - Soaring


District conference :  Richard Fox has Duck Race tickets $ 5.00 ea or 5 for $20


Linda B - Shelburne Players  " The Foreigner "  Opens April 15th


Alan B. - Basketball pool winners  1st Linda Barker $93 2nd Evan $38 and 3rd was Alan's mother in law.


Ric F. - Need names for fundraiser mailer


Changing of the guard party June 17th @ Trafton's house  approx 5-5:30


Mark J -  acting S of A today   " Who your favorite baseball team "

Kris E - Not a Baseball fan  - Her sister is visiting

Susan Grimes - Happy to see everyone

Tod W - Red Sox

Steve D - Roof is going on his new house

Linda G.- Spring weather

Ros G - construction crew starts work a 7:00 am on her home addition project

Linda B - Mets

Sam F - Yankees

Jane M - Yankees

Denny B - Grand daughter Jane with us today

Bill R - Uconn and Yankees

Bill D - Wife Phillis's Birthday today

Ron K - CVU baseball

Chris D - CVU baseball and Mets

Richard F - Mets

Carole O - Red Sox

Barbara C - going to Peru soon - Red Sox - and the Destination Imagination team

Alan B - Cleveland Indians

Mark J - Pirates

Dave J - Yankees

Raffle ticket was drawn by Sophie  ( Barbara's daughter )  winning ticket was Jane ( Denny's grand daughter )  and in the blink of an eye drew the winning card. $147.50  was then split  among the usual winning table. 

Linda Gilbert and Dave Jonah -  Hands to Honduras Update