President Trafton began the meeting with a welcome to 'Sprinter'.


Susan Grimes, a prospective member was present. No other guests were in attendance.


Next week are committee meetings. May 5 is the board of director's meeting. May 11 is club assembly.


Following Judy Christensen's request for help with RYLA, Alan Bates and Susan Grimes volunteered to join Howard Seaver to form a team to read through recent applications.


College scholarship awards are coming up and students from Hinesburg, Shelburne, or Charlotte are encouraged to apply.


There is an SBPA mixer at Palmer's Sugar House this Friday 4/29 at 630pm.


Library money week is coming up, check their website for more information.


Changing of the Guard will be on Friday June 17 at President Trafton's residence.


If anyone needs an excel spreadsheet for the annual find drive please email President Trafton (


Happy Fines:


Judy Christensen: the RYLA volunteers.

Sam Feitelberg: John Hammer and his snow prayers.

Howard Seaver: happy.

Jane McKnight: snow.

Jonathan Lowell: restaurant week.

Phil Denu: a dollar.

Evan Webster: notoriety.

Linda Gilbert: sunny Florida.

Carol Obuchowski: snow.

John Hammer: snow.

Susan Grimes: kids have made their final college decisions.

Kris Engstrom: Susan being here and a great visit from her sister.

Trafton Crandall: Susan becoming a new member.

Bob Sanders: $20 for missed meetings.

Richard Fox: missed last week.

Roz Graham: Evan in the Charlotte News and Kris's trunk show.

George Schiavone: visit from his great grand-daughter from Seattle.

Michael Clapp: Susan Grimes being here and her superiority over Donald Trump.

Barb Comeau: fun and safe vacation in Peru and Ecuador.

Lara Keenan: maple syrup.

Denny Bowen: Pileated Woodpecker.

John Dupee: Gary fixed the oven.

Tod Whitaker: farmers market coming up in the end of May.


Club Member Fritz Horton spoke about soaring: the Albatross is the king of soaring. Fritz got his first experience in Germany and only recently came back to the activity, by buying a share of a glider and becoming a member at the Sugarbush Soaring Club ( When the ground is heated by the sun it warms the air which then rises, creating a thermal - great for soaring. Fritz feels strongly that safety in the sky needs to be improved to avoid future accidents. Lenticular clouds are stationary clouds above mountains that are great for soaring.


Here is the list of links from Fritz: 


Sugarbush Soaring Club website:


Bruno’s shooting the Salt River Mountain gaps in Wyoming:


Bruno’s Nov 9 wave flight in Logan, UT:


Soaring in Norway – fantastic scenery: and


Gliding TV – Sit back and enjoy over 200 streaming videos:


My wave flight in Oct, 2013:


My long landing at Sugarbush:


My outlanding at Sugarbush (“Crash” in farmer’s field):


Soaring Omarama, NZ:


Gliding Samedan Swiss Alps (winch launch):


Extreme Gliding 3:


The Diana glider:


Pure Epicness by Balleka:


Pipestral Taurus Electro (If I’d switch gliders, this is one I have flown and would choose right now):


Perlan 2 Project:  Website:


Soaring Mt Everest:


Shopping for a used glider?  Go to Check out the motorgliders for sale there, too: