September 26, 2012 Newsletter
By John Hammer

Charlotte Shelburne Rotary
Wednesday, September 26, 2012, 7:15 a.m.
Trinity Episcopal Church Community Room


President Adam Bartsch opened the meeting with the Pledge and called on Kris Engstrom to give the devotional.


  • Cathy Rae Stroutsos, Potential new member
  • Megan Hanley, Daughter of Eric and Deb – also regular on H2H teams
  • Nancy Herman, AAA, Speaker



  • October 3: District Governor, Sonny Holt, Visit (All members are encouraged to attend)
  • October 10: Robert Bloch – Champlain College speaking on a program “BYOB - Bring Your Own Business.”
  • October 17: Committee Meetings
  • October 20: Shelburne LaPlatte Nature Trail – see below
  • October 24: Zack Clements (Sorry for previous misspellings) – a regular visitor and very popular motivational speaker.  Here is a prime opportunity to invite potential new members.
  • October 28: Shelburne Halloween Parade
  • November 4: Bowlathon (a Sunday afternoon 2:30-5:30).  This is always a lot of fun and is also an ideal opportunity to invite potential new members.
  • June 6:  District Governor Change of Guard at Shelburne Farms Coach Barn. (Our club will play a key role in this event.)

Shelburne Trail Project
Michael Clapp announced that he had 20 persons signed up for the work on the Shelburne Nature Trail bridges on October 6. He also has advertised for non-Rotarians to help, so expects more than enough to complete the bridges in 3-4 hours.  He will probably assign some members of the crew to do brush clearance.

A potential project constructing a garden shed at the Charlotte Central School is in the planning stage for early November.

Ric Flood covered the up-coming Bowlathon by soliciting names and addresses.  His staff (Carol Polakowski) will produce tailored solicitation letters, but we have only two weeks to submit the names and addresses (addresses must include a street number).  Only 17 members submitted lists last year.  If all did so, then Ric expects that we could have a $50,000 fund-raiser.  Rotary flyers for inclusion will be developed.

Granada Nurse
John Dupee spoke of a young Grenadian woman whom many members may not know has been sponsored by our club to go to nursing school. So far she has thrived and will graduate with a three-year degree in nursing next spring.  There are no four-year courses in Granada. The economy of Granada is very weak and nursing jobs are being cut, so our student, while expecting to pass with honours (Sic), might not become a nurse just yet.  She also reported her recent marriage.

French GSE Visit
Dave Jonah and Roz Graham reported a highly successful visit by the French GSE Team last week to Shelburne Farms.

Sergeant at Arms

Richard Fox began by warning that there were only 73 shopping days until Hanukkah and 89 until Christmas.

  • Jim Spadaccini returned to his usual position as SAA Emeritus by telling a joke about the five rules for ensuring a man has a happy life.  The first four were to the effect that they be good cooks, lovers, on time, etc.   The fifth rule was that each should never be allowed to meet any of the others.
  • Gary Marcotte – Multiple late fines.
  • Ric Flood – Daughter safely in Johannesburg
  • Rob Bingel – Great to have two such great legislators in the club.
  • Jim Spadaccini – “For the best politicians that money can buy.”
  • Denny Bowen – For the Shelburne Library book sale and the posters he is trying to sell there.
  • Terry Kennaugh – Happy
  • Michael Clapp – Son had a dislocated shoulder but is OK
  • John Dupee – Supremely happy
  • George Schiavonne – Successful Golf Ball Drop
  • Howard Seaver – For his forthcoming trip to Russia
  • Russ Blodgett – Happy
  • Sarah Barker – Happy to be back at Rotary
  • Dennis Webster – Toronto Maple Leafs are winning again
  • Eric Hanley – Daughter Megan here
  • Roz Graham – The successful French GSE visit to Shelburne Farms and the potential for a winter “Snow Ball Drop” fund-raiser
  • David Cranmer – Played with his grandchildren
  • Joan Lennes – Childhood friend visited – great time together
  • Dave Jonah – Son successfully sky dove.  Trip to NYC
  • Kris Engstrom – Has traded in her “green goddess” for a silver green VW
  • Paul Bohne – The successful bridge sign-up sheet
  • Richard Fox – Rutgers won.

Apologies to those who were missed.

Terry Kennaugh’s ticket was drawn and he drew the Ace of Clubs.  Rollover.

Speaker – Nancy Herman who spoke on the American Automobile Association (AAA)

Nancy Herman, who is a Rotarian with the Williston Club, spoke on how the AAA is something more than just a provider of tows and batteries.  It has a deeper role in helping the community and children.

One specific program is the lobbying for a law to restrict texting and talking of youth while driving.  This law has been passed.  The AAA also took a leading role in the passing of regulations for the “Graduated Driving License” which governs who may accompany a new driver under 18 years old.  Details are found at:

The AAA office, which is in Williston, is really a branch of the AAA of Northern New England encompassing VT, NH, and ME.  They run a program entitled Keys2Drive that is a comprehensive resource for parents and teens to help with the learning-to-drive process. In this regard, they provide members with a product called AAA Onboard.  This device is installed in the car of a teen and sends parents signals (text or Emails) that indicate when the driver is exceeding any of a number of limits.  This is free of charge to members who have their insurance with AAA.

Unfortunately AAA does not conduct driving schools in VT because these programs are included in the public school system. They do, however, have classes for a fee for younger and older drivers.   They do visit schools and set up simulators that can display the effect of texting on stopping times and attention spans while driving.  Additionally, they provide “drunk-driving” glasses that distort the vision and ask the students to conduct driving like actions to learn the effect of drunkenness on their reflexes and vision.

Nancy went on to briefly mention a whole Chinese Menu of services and products. 

To end her presentation, she briefed the Rotary District 7850/7870 Cruise that will take place next May 24th to 31st.  This is our district conference.  The ship departs from Boston, where there will be plenty of parking.   The cruise schedule is built to provide a great deal of free time.  In fact, the meetings will only take place at sea aboard the cruise ship Norwegian Dawn.  

Registration details are at:

The schedule, which is not yet published, was described as:

  • Day One – (May 24th) Embark and Welcoming Cocktail Party at sea.
  • Day Two – At Sea – Meetings – 0900-1200
  • Day Three – Arrive 11AM at King’s Wharf in Hamilton, Bermuda
  • Day Four – Free time, golf tournament and visits to Beach Clubs.
  • Day Five – In port. Free Time
  • Day Six – Underway - Meetings 0900-1200
  • Day Seven – Underway – 0730
    • 0830 Memorial Service
    •  0900-1200 Meeting
    • Evening, Farewell Party
  • Day Eight – Disembark in Boston

Space is filling up – 75 cabins have already been sold (mostly mini-suites and balconies).  By the way, AARP members get a further discount.  Call to get the best rate possible.  The Williston AAA office (Tel: 878-8233) is handling the ticketing arrangements.