Posted by Nancy Danforth on Mar 15, 2023

Susan Grasso from Local Motion in our Communities


Carrie called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Carrie welcomed Susan as our guest speaker.


The board will meet tomorrow morning at 7:30 at the town hall.


This Saturday is Pie For Breakfast!  Volunteers will meet at the town hall at 1:00 on Friday and 7:30 on Saturday.  CVU high school students will assist on Saturday. 


Dan shared his experience at the President Elect Training Seminar recently.  About four hundred members from VT, NH and southern Quebec attended the event.  The networking and training were invaluable.  There were many great ideas being shared among the members, which he will share soon.   


Dan will also attend the Rotary District 7850 Team Training event in Lyndonville on April 1.  Zoe, the speech contest winner of our club, will be competing at this event with Keith in the next round of the speech contest.


Carrie shared the Champlain Valley Little League in has asked us to help run the snack shack at some of the games. The league represents Shelburne, Hinesburg and Charlotte. Carrie will obtain more information and report back.  


Denis introduced Susan who works for Local Motion as the Complete Streets Program Associate. Her work was transformed when she was involved in the construction of the Webster Road shared use path.  She has worked in many different positions with emphasis in environmental impacts of transportation and recreation in the area.  Susan lives with her family in Shelburne.  


The mission of Local Motion is to provide safe, accessible and fun for everyone to bike, rock and roll.   


Susan demonstrated that given the level of gas house emissions in Vermont, due in part, to our identity as a rural state, is quite high.  The impact can be lessened by biking and walking providing health assets, social interaction and economic benefits.  


Their survey shows that the majority of people are interested in biking more but are not comfortable in a variety of ways.  However, safety in vehicle roadways and sidewalks is the primary concern. The use of E bikes can help accomplish the shorter distance goals to enable bikers to feel safer.  


Jim presented Susan with the book “Bike Safety” by Sarah L. Schuette to be donated in her name to the Pierson Library.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40.