Posted by Nancy Danforth on Dec 15, 2021
Jesse Robbins of the Burlington Sunrise Rotary Club talked about the Mini Pantry Movement and how his club supports Hinesburg's Little Free Pantry. 

Jesse Robbins from the Burlington Sunrise Rotary Club is our guest speaker today, advocating for the Mini Food Pantry in Hinesburg. 


Susan called the meeting to order at 7:30.


Guests: Jerry Lawrence, Jesse Robbins


Ric Flood led the club in the four way test.


Carrie Fenn filled the club in on the speech contest.  The applications have been sent out to the schools with the speech topic as “How can your high school partner with rotary to change lives?” The Rotary District will host the contest with our club hosting our club’s applicants on February 16.


The toy and coat updates were provided by Nancy and Chris.  The toy barrels will be picked up next tuesday, December 21. Coats will be collected through the first of the New Year.


Susan, Jessica, Linda G and Linda B will deliver the toy bags next tuesday the 21st.  Currently, sixty four children will be receiving these bags.  The town of Shelburne has been receiving some calls for emergency giving so we may also be able to assist there.


Carole Obuchowski announced she is still collecting for Rotary Foundation.  $3800 has been collected by our club so far, a new record.  


Jed Dupee will be our guest speaker next wednesday.  


Per Richard Fox, the Rotary club of Dresdan, Tennessee is coordinating disaster relief for those affected by the devastating tornados.  Donations can be made at,  Venmo @DresdenRotaryTornadoReliefFund or by mail to Dresden Rotary Club*Tornado Relief Fund*P.O. Box 652*Dresden, TN 38225.


Per Ric Flood, $3,425 has been collected by the fundraising efforts of the car raffle and $3,165 by the fundraising letters mailed out.  


Denis collected the happy fines.


Susan introduced Jesse Robbins who will speak on their club’s work stocking the Hinesburg mini pantry.  Susan shared that Fisher Irwin built the Shelburne Tiny Pantry near the Schipps building at the Shelburne Town offices.  The churches in Shelburne are being approached to stock the pantry.  The town is asking our Rotary club to manage this project with the churches.  


Jesse is here to share his club’s experience with the Hinesburg Little Pantry.


The nationwide Mini pantry movement is grassroots and crowdsourced.  The pantry in Hinesburg costs $100 per day. 

These pantries are low barrier, providing a shame free environment that operates as a safety net for families. Though they are not 100% nutrition based they do fill a need, as evidenced by the daily stocking. A different person stocks it every day but right now, the demand is beyond their capacity. 

The issue of food safety was mentioned by Jesse, who advised the club that the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Act protects the folks who donate food from liability. 

How can our club help?  Take one day per week in Hinesburg, donate funds or build a new one if it were easier for our club to help.  Other items can be donated in the pantries such as toiletries, cleaning items, etc.    


For more information contact Phillip Bosen at or Jesse at


The meeting was adjourned at 8:30.