Charlotte Shelburne Hinesburg Rotarian Linda Gilbert shares a presentation of club's recent trip to Tela, Honduras.  
Linda and her volunteers, many of which are members of CSH Rotary,  have been traveling to Tela for twenty years. 
Linda  Gilbert and company -Tela, Honduras February Mission Trip
Linda’s presentation began with a brief history of the twenty years this organization has been traveling to Tela to provide valuable service to the people of this town.
Several of our members made the trip this year: Keith Walsh, Dan York and his daughter Cassie, Carrie & Peter Fenn, Margo & Caleb Casco and Linda’s daughter Nicole Gilbert.
H2HT construction at Hospital Tela continues to be a main focal point of the trip.  Maternal, postpartum wings, neonatal intensive care unit, respiratory building, labor and delivery renovations have all taken place in the past. This year, they worked on an emergency facility for expectant mothers and a new Gynecology department.  This recent project made the local newspaper! 
Keith shared his experience providing audiology “Brigade” services again this year in Tela.   Margo worked with him at this facility.  Keith shared the healing this service project brings to the people of Honduras and the volunteers who make the trip, creating a better life for some of the residents.
Nicole shared her project with Caleb monitoring blood pressure and glucose screening.
Clinics for dental cleaning and reading glasses were also conducted. 
Peter and Carrie discussed the Puerto Arturo Health Center addition to the facility that they worked on.  They built the cement block walls with rebar towers.  This is an urgent care type of facility.
Dan & Cassie provided fluoride treatments in local schools, delivering over three hundred flouride treatments and pass out tooth brushes, toothpaste and dental floss. They also spent time picking up disposable water “bags” at a local soccer field. 
Nicole also worked on providing school uniforms for over twelve different schools. 
Nicole and the other volunteers also assisted a young man with Cerebral Palsy receive his high school diploma that required additional monies.  Nicole has worked with and known this young man for many years.
Jim presented Linda with the book “The History of Honduras – From Ancient Maya to Modern Marvel” by Carlos Chavez-Miller which will be donated to The Charlotte Library in her name.