Posted by Dan York on May 05, 2021

CSH Rotary Club - May 5, 2021

Notes by Dan York


Chris Davis called the meeting to order shortly after 7:30am.


Laurie Burke provided some opening words from a new book of poems, “How to Love the World: Poems of Gratitude and Hope”.


Chris suggested we move straight to voting on the officers for next year. The proposed slate is:

  • President: Susan Grimes

  • President-elect: Carrie Fenn

  • Vice President: Dan York

  • Secretary: Nancy Danforth

  • Treasurer: Margot Casco


Bob Sanders asked if we have a quorum and researched the matter. We currently have 51 members (49 active, 2 honorary). The bylaws define a quorum as 1/3 of the membership which would be 17 members - and 22 members were on the call.


Dan York asked if we had confirmation from Margot that she was willing to continue as treasurer. Chris said she had not said no, but had not confirmed yes. He agreed to contact Margot for confirmation. The group decided to move forward with voting on the other officers.


MOTION: To approve the 2021-2022 set of officers except for treasurer.

  • President: Susan Grimes

  • President-elect: Carrie Fenn

  • Vice President: Dan York

  • Secretary: Nancy Danforth

Moved by Ric Flood, seconded by Carole Obuchowski. Approved unanimously.


Carrie Fenn reported that the school lunch program is continuing with people assisting deliveries. During the summer the cafeteria program will move to CVU and it is not clear yet what level of support will be needed.


Ric reported that we received another $600 for the fund drive.


Susan reported that things are going well for the Spin-a-thon. All the bikes have been signed up for. Still looking for donations. Articles are going in the Shelburne and Charlotte newspapers. There was some discussion that now that all the bikes are filled, people who come to the website from the articles will not be able to sign up for bikes. We will try to update the site pointing people to donate, and send out other online updates encouraging people to donate.


Laurie and Ric brought the idea of dedicating the Charlotte bike station to William McHenry “Mac” Keyser, a long-time advocate for biking throughout the area who was well known and touched many people’s lives. Mac passed away last year and funds were raised to plant a tree in his honor in Shelburne in August 2021. Additional people have asked to donate and this would be both appropriate to honor Mac and a way for people to donate. The Club members agreed to dedicate the Charlotte station to Mac.


Chris noted that Saturday morning, May 8, will be a race through Shelburne and Charlotte, and we have a team of Rotarians staffing different locations.


Regarding RYLA, Carrie has not heard anything from any of the schools. She will reach out to them to see if there is any interest in participation.


Our speaker was Nancy Danforth who gave an excellent talk about her background, how and why she got involved with Rotary, and more of her personal story.


Chris discussed the changing-of-the-guard face-to-face meeting and celebration planned for June 30 at the Point Bay Marina in Charlotte.


Ros Graham noted that May 29 from 9-1 will be the first Shelburne Farmers Market for 2021. It will be held at the Palmers sugar house for the summer until it can be moved back to the main Shelburne parade ground.


Nancy Danforth provided the closing words from Charles Schultz.


Chris Davis closed the meeting at 8:27am.